Andy Smart's Summer Tour 08

Video of Andy
Running with the Bulls
San Fermin Festival
Pamplona Spain
Freeze frame at 1.36 & Andy
is in yellow t-shirt on right

Appearing with
"Stephen Frost's Impro All Stars"

• May 15 - Al Ain Hilton
• May 18 - Doha Ramada
• May 20 - Muscat
Crowne Plaza
• May 21-24 - Dubai
Madinat Theatre
• May 30-June 1 (+ Josie)
Wychwood Festival,

• June 5 - Canterbury Festival
• July 18-20 - Latitude Festival
Southwold, Suffolk

• July 23-24 - Roisin Duhb Galway
• July 25 - Dublin Bud Light Festival

• ANDY SMART was born in a Southsea nursing home on 16th of June 1959. The building is now a Casino.

• His childhood was spent overseeing the Pontoon and Poker Card School, at Farnborough Grammar, and running bets for his Grandmother (who had been a seven card stud dealer before she went blind). As a side line he ran a lending library of porn, 25p a night per mag 2:50 for any unauthorised staining. As a cover for these operations he posed as a Sea Scout, and later a Venture Scout.

• At the age of 18 he ran away to Liverpool to study Geography and Drama at Notre Dame College of Higher Education. The three years were spent in the betting shop on Mount Pleasant, and running the college bar and disco.

• Having failed to get a degree Andy passed into his existentialist period, which involved lying in bed reading Beckett, Kerouac and Dosteyevsky, drinking cider through a straw with architects and learning to juggle tea cups.

• Just as his poetry was becoming popular in the Casablanca basement bar on Hope Street, he got unlucky and found a job working as a writer/actor with the "489 Theatre in Education Company". Over the next year and a half he wrote and performed in "Alice and the Wasp" "Billy's Car Crash" and "Not a Penny More" (about the 1926 General Strike).

• But the road was calling, he wanted to be Jack Kerouac, (the early years, not the later fascist whingeing years).

Having read "Fiesta" by Hemmingway he packed a small bag and set off for Pamplona.

• Having hitched there in time for the festival he celebrated by drinking three litres of Sangria. Bad move. He awoke in an alleyway with no money,camera, or passport. Borrowing three oranges from a passing American tourist he began juggling in the main square earning 80 in three hours.

• His career in Show business had begun.

Andy returns every year to Pamplona to run with the bulls during the festival of San Fermin. He has completed 49 runs and this year will attempt his 50th.

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• On retuning to England Andy went to Covent Garden to perform on the hallowed cobbles. Juggling pigs kidneys to stunned crowds. He then performed an interpretive dance show with John Woodall.

• In December 1983 he met Angelo Abela and together they formed the Vicious Boys. 1984 saw the Boys win the Time Out Street Entertainer of the Year Award. They then appeared on "The Tube" where dressed as a bell boy and pretending to be a Great Dane Andy got to lick Paula Yates' face, happy days.

• They then appeared twice on Saturday Starship with Bonnie Langford and Tommy Boyd. Next came the Six O Clock show with Michael Aspel. Then it was off to Edinburgh and a run at the Masonic Lodge in a double bill with Kafka's "The Trial".

• On returning to London they were given their own show on LWT called Wake Up London.

• In 1985 Janet Street Porter asked the Vicious Boys to provide the comedy on "Get Fresh" a two hour live outside broadcast every Saturday morning.

• Following their success the Boys were then strangely asked to present the American Football on Channel 4. They got to go to San Diego for Superbowl XXII were Andy placed his whole fee on Denver. The Redskins won with 27 unanswered 2nd quarter points rendering the second half a wash out.

• The next three years were spent touring, including many trips to New York and two runs in Australia.

• In 1989 Andy co-wrote and performed in "Twiglet Anyone".

• The Viscious Boys split up in 1990 due to sophistic differences.

• Andy Smart began a new career as a stand-up comic, thanks to Jan Prince and Maria Macerlane.

• In 1993 he performed "Look Back at Danger" at the Edinburgh Festival and on tour. In 1998 he performed a paean to marijuana called "The Dope". In 1998 he was lucky enough to go to the World Cup with the Iranian Football Team. October Films produced a comedy documentary called "The Outsiders" in which Andy and Nick Hancock travelled, trained, and celebrated with the team as they lost to Yugoslavia, beat the Great Satan 2:1 and lost to Germany (Jurgen Klinsmans goal was handball).

• Andy has been performing as a guest with the Comedy Store Players for 13 years now and a permanent member since 1995.

• As a member of the "Steve Frost Impro All Stars" Andy has performed in: Edinburgh Festival, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shang-Hai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manilla, Taiwan, Singapore, a tour of Ireland, New York, Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Antibes, Paris, Wellington, Adelaide, Perth WA, and Prague.

• Andy has performed at 28 consecutive Edinburgh Festivals including the all comedian version of "The Twelve Angry Men" which went on to tour in Australia and New Zealand. He has also performed in Edinburgh with "Paul Merton's Impro Chums". This year he will be organising the First Annual Poker Tournament for comics at the Gilded Balloon.

• His favourite gig of the year is Glastonbury on a Sunday morning of the Festival.

• To relax, Andy Smart kicks people on a football pitch, goes greyhound racing, plays Nintendo Golf, smokes the weed, dreams of the International Bar in Dublin, plays poker with the boys, or watches the mighty Farnborough Town.

• Andy can be reached through

• If you'd like to be Andy's friend go to