00:59:56 [Jimplayers] Welcome evryone. Have fun. I will try and pop in when I can over the next couple of days.

01:05:14 [Jimplayers] Hello Jonathan

01:05:54 [Jonathan] Hi Jim!

01:06:34 [Jimplayers] All alone?

01:07:41 [Jonathan] I'm crashing over at Nightingale's tonight, but she's gone to bed - work tomorrow.

01:08:45 [Jimplayers] Ah well. I'm heading for more alcohol and telly before bed.

01:10:05 [Jimplayers] Henry! How you?

01:10:30 [Henry] Hi Jim very well thanks

01:11:00 [Jonathan] Have fun when you go Jim! And I hope you get some great presents too..

01:11:34 [Jonathan] Hello Henry as well, thanks for setting this up.

01:11:36 [Henry] Hey we are chatting in the future - neat

01:11:49 [Henry] Hi J - Happy Chris

01:12:05 [Henry] Some great music in the Duke

01:13:14 [Jimplayers] Boys - gotta go. Might see you over the next couple of days. If not - have a good one.

01:13:34 [Henry] I must get some lunch - I got a bit behind with getting the Party decorations ready

01:13:37 [Jonathan] Season's Greeting to you Henry- festive tunes!

01:14:14 [Henry] Bye for now Jonathan - catch you later I hope

01:14:21 [Jonathan] Nice decorative lights on this page! Have a good lunch.

01:14:48 [Henry] Thanks - tara

01:16:02 [Jonathan] Just wanted to say to everybody that I might not be able to get online much for this chat but I wanted to pass on my best and hope you all have a great time over the holidays.

01:27:36 [meriel1] Hello

01:30:50 [meriel1] I appear to have logged in twice somehow.

01:31:21 [meriel1] Oh well. Merry Vhristmas to all and to all a good night. I hope everyone has a nice holiday.

01:31:36 [meriel1] Christmas that is.

01:33:14 [meriel1] Oh well. Merry Vhristmas to all and to all a good night. I hope everyone has a nice holiday.

01:45:50 [Cindy] Hellooooo..well looks like I missed meriel and Jonathan..will check back later...can't wait to hear how it all went tonite!

02:09:27 [vickie2] hi... guess i missed you guys also.. had a difficult time logging on with aol..

02:09:45 [vickie2] hope to talk to you all tomorrow

02:11:59 [Cindy] HI vickie!!!

02:12:28 [Cindy] You still here hun?

02:14:00 [Cindy] If it helps...aoHell didn't work for me either try Internet explorer..that worked for me...hope to see ya later~

02:15:11 [Cindy] bbl

05:53:08 [Cindy] *Cindy rolling up the window*...There's no one around..ok be back later today

06:33:04 [Kes] Nobody home, eh?

09:51:58 [Luce] Nobody home, will come back later!

09:53:40 [shedevil] hello?

09:55:43 [shedevil] oh good there's no one here. I feel very rough after last night so I'm going to lie down on the sofa just here. Wake me up when the party starts.

09:56:03 [shedevil] zzzzzzzzzzzzz

09:58:41 [Luce] oi!

09:59:23 [F.A.] morning ladies

10:01:07 [shedevil] wa wa wa - morning!!

10:01:13 [F.A.] hey hey ~ wake up girls ;)

10:01:20 [F.A.] how was last night's show?

10:01:29 [shedevil] i9'm awake - just

10:01:35 [shedevil] BRILLIANT show!

10:01:46 [shedevil] TMO got plastered and was sick everywhere

10:01:57 [shedevil] but still got hugs and kisses from jim

10:02:55 [F.A.] oh no...

10:03:01 [F.A.] what's TMO like!

10:03:13 [F.A.] you guys working today then?

10:06:47 [shedevil] i'm in work yes - so's luce i think

10:07:17 [F.A.] when do you finish for Christmas?

10:08:08 [shedevil] i'm in today all day and tomorrow am - finish at 1 then off home for Xmas - wooopeeee

10:08:35 [F.A.] yaaay :)

10:08:43 [shedevil] you?

10:09:19 [F.A.] Yaaay :)

10:09:24 [F.A.] I'm already off

10:09:37 [F.A.] finished at my old work on Friday...am at YB's

10:09:56 [F.A.] and I don't go to Seville until the 7th or 8th of Jan ;)

10:10:31 [shedevil] wow - nice. lucky cow....

10:11:19 [shedevil] just making tea and toast - brb.

10:12:22 [F.A.] sounds like a plan...might put the kettle on myself...

10:18:35 [shedevil] mmmmm marmite.....

10:19:08 [F.A.] oh crap...forgot about the kettle...

10:19:22 [F.A.] tee hee

10:19:35 [shedevil] what's wrong with the kettel?

10:19:40 [shedevil] Hiya Jim!

10:19:57 [Jimplayers] Morning

10:20:05 [F.A.] morning

10:20:30 [F.A.] nowt wrong with the kettle...I just put it on and then sat back at the pc looking at pics from friday night...

10:20:31 [Jimplayers] How are we all?

10:20:49 [shedevil] very well thank you - ,uch better than Lisa will be feeling this morning! te he

10:21:23 [F.A.] got the flu :(

10:21:37 [shedevil] aaaah poorly FA

10:21:42 [Jimplayers] Yes. Sher was a little merry.

10:21:58 [Jimplayers] Flu? Bad luck.

10:22:01 [F.A.] poor TMO

10:22:21 [F.A.] My flu appears to be on it's way out now tho

10:22:36 [Jimplayers] Did she get home alright?

10:22:50 [Jimplayers] TMO I mean........

10:23:08 [shedevil] i presume so but i've not heard from her this morning.

10:23:34 [F.A.] shall I ring her and shout down the phone?

10:23:36 [F.A.] he he he

10:23:39 [shedevil] she had sobered up a little by the time she left though.

10:23:45 [shedevil] please do FA!!!

10:23:53 [shedevil] hiya jon!

10:23:54 [F.A.] morning J

10:24:20 [Jonathan] Hello everyone!

10:24:41 [Jimplayers] Morning

10:25:07 [Jimplayers] Any othere drunken behaviour last night?

10:25:27 [F.A.] not from me :(

10:25:38 [F.A.] sounds like I missed a great night tho ;)

10:26:23 [Jimplayers] Everyone looked gorgeous

10:26:25 [Jonathan] Obidiah was astounded by his drunkeness, though "He was sure he could still play the piano"

10:27:00 [F.A.] did you wear a dress in the end Jonathan?

10:27:16 [shedevil] he was well p*ssed - and made it to work at 6 this morning!!

10:27:34 [shedevil] jonathan had a nice black 'jamesbond' tuxedo on

10:27:44 [shedevil] jim liked my dress......

10:27:49 [F.A.] 'that' tuxedo

10:27:58 [F.A.] Jon scrubs up well ;)

10:28:08 [F.A.] what was your dress like?

10:28:51 [Jimplayers] Stunning

10:29:14 [shedevil] metallic blue grey, silky satin, ankle length, little straps (and i had a matching wrap) I'm sure you'll see the photos. *blush* thank you jim

10:29:30 [Jonathan] Elegant it was! I couldn't find a dress that showed off my curves so I went for the tux.

10:30:20 [Jimplayers] All the ladies wondferful

10:30:29 [F.A.] SheDevil ~ v nice! Jon ~ LMAO!

10:30:30 [Jimplayers] ,,as did Jonathan.

10:30:52 [F.A.] morning IceAngel

10:30:59 [Jimplayers] Morning

10:31:01 [shedevil] iceangel!! thanks for the card chuck - sorry i didn't do you one!!

10:31:08 [IceAngel] morning all :o )

10:31:14 [Jonathan] Hi Ice Angel! Lizzlie was in an elegant velvet lbd

10:31:57 [IceAngel] no probs shedevil I'll hold it against you don't worry

10:33:06 [Jimplayers] Gotta go. If I don't catch you again - have a good celebration

10:33:25 [Jonathan] You too!

10:33:33 [IceAngel] have a good one jim

10:33:43 [F.A.] good one to you too Jim

10:33:46 [shedevil] bye jim. Merry Xmas!

10:34:00 [F.A.] Hopefully I'll catch a show before jetting off to Seville ;)

10:34:49 [Jonathan] Sounds exciting - what's the job about?

10:35:07 [shedevil] yeah lixxlie was in ankle length black velvet, jenny a gold top and black skirt, nightingale a gorgeous dark green (?) dress with slashed hem, and TMO a brown ankle length dress with a bodice that looked like leopard print!

10:35:30 [F.A.] Office Manager/Sales Administrator with view to becoming and Account Manager within a year

10:35:51 [F.A.] and yes ~ that is N's dress is the one I'm thinking of it's dark green.

10:35:55 [shedevil] FA - Lee kissed us all (including Jon)!! you should have been there!

10:36:28 [F.A.] d'you know what...snuggling next to YB is miles better ;)

10:36:29 [shedevil] oh god I'm buncing off the walls - too much caffiene - i may go and lie down again!

10:36:40 [Jonathan] Yes, umm, *looks bemused*

10:36:44 [shedevil] aaaaaaah bless! lucky YB

10:36:58 [IceAngel] Lizzlie has just been telling me about that! :)

10:37:02 [F.A.] saying that ~ he's still asleep

10:37:17 [shedevil] all about what iceangel?

10:37:40 [IceAngel] being kissed by certain gentlemen! hehe

10:38:00 [F.A.] I'm assuming Lee and not about YB ~ otherwise serious words may have to be had.

10:38:03 [F.A.] ;)

10:38:27 [Jonathan] Should mention something I think Jenny said. TMOs dress was almost as unable to stay up as she was. Jenny told her to "pull it up before it becomes a skirt"

10:39:01 [F.A.] that's not a nice thing to reveal Jonathan ;)

10:39:13 [shedevil] te he -very true

10:39:15 [shedevil] though!

10:40:06 [Jonathan] "Reveal" Do you mean telling the story - or TMO's "balcony"

10:40:07 [F.A.] but she's not here to defence herself...

10:40:19 [F.A.] I'm meant the story and you know it!

10:40:28 [shedevil] she doesn't mind - she loves it! and we love her!

10:40:30 [F.A.] and defend not defence :rooleyes:

10:40:37 [F.A.] :rolleyes:

10:40:44 [F.A.] oh god...typing...

10:40:57 [F.A.] :kill:

10:41:48 [shedevil] so FA - why ARE you up so early and not in bed with YB?

10:42:37 [Jonathan] Hi Luce!

10:42:54 [F.A.] I've slept a lot over the last two days cos of the flu...YB hasn't

10:42:55 [IceAngel] thats a bit personal isn't it shedevil?

10:43:00 [Jonathan] Bye Luce

10:43:20 [F.A.] Although I do have to get him up soon so we can go out to Bath on the bike...

10:43:23 [shedevil] i love personal - how's your love life Iceangel? te he

10:43:36 [shedevil] bath on the bike? But Why?

10:43:50 [IceAngel] as good as yours from what I hear honey!! hehe

10:43:56 [F.A.] Starbucks!

10:44:06 [F.A.] and getting out on his Duke!

10:44:13 [F.A.] YB in leathers.....mmmmmmmm

10:44:16 [shedevil] *giggle*

10:44:47 [F.A.] and then we've got to go Christmas food shopping this afternoon

10:45:01 [F.A.] and finally off to Lord of the Rings this evening...

10:45:22 [F.A.] but will be in the car for both of those trips...

10:45:28 [IceAngel] hmm want to swap days FA?

10:45:37 [F.A.] food shopping is NOT easy on a motorbike...

10:45:45 [IceAngel] I've got fun at work til 5 for ya!!

10:45:53 [F.A.] IceAngel ~ let me think about that for about one second.....

10:45:57 [F.A.] NOPE!

10:45:59 [F.A.] ;)

10:46:05 [F.A.] tee hee

10:46:18 [IceAngel] hmph!

10:46:36 [IceAngel] worth a try wasn't it :)

10:46:38 [F.A.] mind you ~ I don't like shopping :(

10:47:45 [Jonathan] Hey everyone, I'

10:47:56 [Jonathan] Damn - ignore that

10:48:47 [shedevil] i'm at work until 6 - groan and i've been in since 8!

10:48:51 [F.A.] what were you gonna say J?

10:49:51 [Jonathan] Ahh! Shedevil. F.A. - I'm about to sign off to head home but I'll finish with a story - carry on while I type!!!

10:50:10 [IceAngel] thats nasty shedevil... working tomorrow too?

10:50:40 [F.A.] damn...I've forgotten about my bloody kettle again!!! :[

10:51:02 [F.A.] anyway ~ whilst I go and check ~ guess what I got as my leaving present from my work on Friday...

10:51:03 [shedevil] working tomorrow - 8 till 1

10:51:10 [F.A.] one clue ~ leather

10:51:41 [Jonathan] Bookmark FA?

10:52:05 [IceAngel] hehe just what I was thinking Jon

10:53:08 [F.A.] unsurprisingly not Jonathan

10:53:16 [F.A.] mmmm...finally made my tea

10:54:53 [IceAngel] hmm Tony Blair has just walked past my office! Anyone think I should run out and wish him a merry xmas?

10:55:47 [Jonathan] It's the happy new year bit I'd be more interested in...lidalbitapolitix

10:55:51 [F.A.] I could suggest something else...but you might get arrested

10:57:59 [shedevil] go out with some mistletoe Iceangel?

10:58:14 [F.A.] still not what I was thinking...

10:58:49 [shedevil] te he

10:59:39 [IceAngel] hmm don't think I should have started this!! he saw my mistletoe and ran away :(

11:00:12 [Jonathan] I- "Tony - I've got some mistletoe" "Missiles to do what?"

11:01:05 [Jonathan] Sorry

11:01:29 [F.A.] oooooo I could so put what I would love to do with Blair and a Missile...but I won't as it's Christmas

11:03:12 [IceAngel] ok ok enough already!! I need this job guys!!

11:04:44 [Jonathan] Right, must away now. Story was too long and carp to bother with. Promise to review Manchester and London Christmas shows when I get back after Chrimbo. Jim's song on the non-existance of god; putting poison in the sherry and mince pie to kill Santa...

11:05:07 [Jonathan] Real Christmassy feel!

11:05:34 [Jonathan] Hope you all have a good one. Bye Bye

11:05:51 [F.A.] IceAngel ~ see why YOU wouldn't want to swap with me for the day ;)

11:05:54 [F.A.] bye J

11:06:23 [IceAngel] bye jon

11:10:33 [shedevil] bye jon - oooh too late.

11:10:41 [shedevil] I don't want to work today!! wanna sleep!!

11:10:47 [IceAngel] have to go do some work... later guys - have fun

11:11:14 [F.A.] right...I'm off to have a shower and then wake up my man...

11:11:24 [F.A.] catch you all later chickadees

11:16:03 [T.M.O.] Anyone in?

11:16:19 [shedevil] hello!!!!!!!

11:16:29 [shedevil] only me

11:16:40 [T.M.O.] Hey You!

11:16:56 [shedevil] how are you feeling today?

11:17:26 [T.M.O.] A lot better than I did two hours ago.bleurggh!!

11:17:28 [shedevil] hello BW!

11:17:32 [BWomble] Morning all

11:17:38 [shedevil] were you sick again TMO?

11:17:43 [T.M.O.] Its amazing what a cornish pasty and a KitKat chunkie does for a hangover

11:17:48 [T.M.O.] Hi Bored Womble!!

11:17:55 [BWomble] How come the username BW is already taken????

11:18:03 [T.M.O.] Yeah, chucked me guts up this morning.

11:18:12 [T.M.O.] Sorry BW

11:18:13 [BWomble] Do i detect a hangover TMO?

11:18:16 [shedevil] Jim asked about you earlier - we wanted to know you got home ok!

11:18:30 [shedevil] oh yes - MAJOR hangover

11:18:40 [BWomble] how kind - how did he know????

11:18:40 [T.M.O.] I have this extraordinary homing device.

11:19:00 [BWomble] I love the time delays on these things ;-)

11:19:39 [shedevil] gerat night though?

11:19:42 [shedevil] great even

11:19:49 [shedevil] how was your weekend BW?

11:20:07 [T.M.O.] Fab, apart from Obidiah forcing tequila and Absinthe down my neck.

11:20:11 [BWomble] any seasonal knitwear on display?

11:20:30 [T.M.O.] It was like a James Bond convention

11:20:40 [T.M.O.] Very nice

11:21:01 [BWomble] Great, settling into the new womble pad and having pre chrimbo drinks for 36 hours solid!

11:21:03 [shedevil] Obidiah was as bad as you this morning if it's any consolation - and he was in work at 6!

11:21:20 [shedevil] 36 hours? blergh - TMO didn't last 5 yesterday!! ha ha

11:21:30 [T.M.O.] Haaaahaa

11:21:32 [BWomble] years of practice

11:21:44 [BWomble] so has it been busy round here so far?

11:22:08 [shedevil] not really - people popping in and out all morning

11:22:40 [shedevil] but that's about it

11:22:54 [T.M.O.] How come the clock is wrong??

11:31:00 [BWomble] Eh up i leave for 5 mins and everyone goes quiet, I could get paranoid!

11:31:05 [BWomble] morning Luce

11:31:23 [Luce] hey, just saying hello i nmy break, not supposed to be on here!

11:31:32 [Luce] hows all?

11:31:50 [BWomble] its christmas, tell them where to stick their rule book!!!

11:32:08 [BWomble] seem to be a few hangovers around, can't think why!

11:32:15 [Luce] i should! But I want to leave a little early so I have to be a good little girl

11:32:36 [BWomble] Santa will be pleased ;-)

11:32:57 [Luce] back at lunchtime- TMO how are u this morning?

11:33:03 [BWomble] er hi TMO, are there now 2 of you?

11:33:25 [T.M.O] Thats my doppleganger. Hi Luce, feeling a bit erm..delicate

11:33:27 [Luce] see you all later

11:33:47 [T.M.O] Whadda I say?

11:34:17 [BWomble] doppelganger, it has a strange effect on some peopler!

11:34:46 [T.M.O] Im back to one now.

11:35:12 [BWomble] congrats

11:35:27 [T.M.O] Did you dress up as a humbug BW

11:35:31 [BWomble] right off to scare my secretary

11:35:49 [BWomble] o sorry, er no, scrooge in the end

11:35:56 [BWomble] laters

11:39:34 [shedevil] i'm still here but asleep

11:41:07 [BWomble] right, that's my evil deed for tne day done!

11:41:26 [shedevil] what's that then?

11:41:53 [BWomble] make someone do some work! well she's done nowt the rest of the year!

11:42:31 [BWomble] you quite comfy snoozing in the corner there?

11:44:32 [shedevil] oooooops got kicked out for a sec!

11:44:36 [shedevil] back now!

11:46:21 [BWomble] ar, good, paranoia was creeping up on me again!

11:46:23 [T.M.O] Hello

11:46:32 [Night-test] Hi there - testing to see if I can actually join in this one from work!

11:46:53 [BWomble] Looks like that's a yes! Morning!

11:49:34 [Night-test] Good morning - might have to be brief though as it IS an open plan office!

11:50:09 [BWomble2] oops, identity crisis!

11:51:48 [shedevil] night test????

11:51:55 [shedevil] is that you nightingale?

11:52:21 [shedevil] ok my fontn has gone VERy funny

11:52:39 [shedevil] brb

11:52:59 [Night-test] Yep - it's me, I seem to be able to actually get in today - but I don't think I can get away with joining in until later or lunch, one or the other. Ah, you've gone too now!

11:53:05 [shedevil] I'm back

11:53:19 [Night-test] From outer space?

11:53:22 [shedevil] glad you could make it!

11:53:41 [shedevil] I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face...

11:53:43 [shedevil] te he

11:54:07 [BWomble2] several of me are still here, hopefully the first BWomble will die at some point

11:54:25 [shedevil] two BW's?? we could have some fun!!

11:54:29 [BWomble2] bit early for karaoke isn't it?

11:54:49 [BWomble2] god 2 of me - the world isn't ready!

11:54:59 [shedevil] it's NEVER too early for karaoke!!!!

11:55:31 [BWomble2] alternatively its ALWAYS too early!

11:56:09 [shedevil] :kill: :kill:

11:56:17 [BWomble2] mind you that's just because my singing voice has been known to make the deaf run for their lives!

11:56:44 [BWomble2] remind me how you do that again?

11:57:10 [shedevil] cdlick on the question mark - bottom left of the chatr box.

11:58:00 [BWomble2] Cheers :p

11:58:45 [Night-test] Going to have to go - system problems here & lots of very fraught managers rushing around, I won't be popular if I'm caught on this!

11:58:56 [shedevil] 8)

11:59:03 [shedevil] bye N!

11:59:07 [Night-test] Hello & bye TMO! Glad to see you're still with the living after last night!

11:59:18 [Night-test] Bye all - catch you later!

11:59:24 [T.M.O.] Seeya Nightingale!

11:59:38 [T.M.O.] I wasnt that bad surely....

11:59:54 [BWomble2] so lots of groovy gossip from last night eh - I assume a good time was had by one an all

12:00:33 [T.M.O.] No gossip that I know about

12:00:54 [BWomble2] due to memory loss? :p

12:01:08 [T.M.O.] Quite possibly..

12:01:51 [T.M.O.] You shouldve come

12:02:29 [BWomble2] I did thanks, you weren't the only ones having a good night ;)

12:02:48 [T.M.O.] eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:02:52 [BWomble2] Sorry, a little early for such filth!

12:04:57 [T.M.O.] Speaking of which, there is a rather dodgy song about Santa on Duke

12:05:46 [T.M.O.] .........and who is Carol Medley?

12:05:55 [BWomble2] drat, no sound card technology is a tad backward round here, I'll just have to use my imagination...

12:06:19 [BWomble2] I wondered that too when I looked down the song list!! Great minds eh...

12:06:57 [shedevil] you are rude BW!!!

12:07:30 [BWomble2] sorry, well tis the season and all that

12:08:06 [T.M.O.] I had a bottle of Champagne on me last night that I forgot about.

12:08:35 [shedevil] TMO!!!

12:08:41 [shedevil] we could have had that!! te he

12:08:48 [T.M.O.] What?

12:08:57 [T.M.O.] I know!!! Sorry!!!

12:10:18 [Luce] shedevil, did you get the email I sent yuo first thing?

12:10:34 [shedevil] no - what did it say?

12:11:08 [Luce] nothing really, but we are trying to figure out if there is a problem with our work emails as no one is getting ot receiving them

12:11:34 [Luce] you know what i meant

12:12:36 [Luce] anyway, back to work, talk to you all later

12:13:18 [shedevil] bye1

12:13:31 [T.M.O.] bye2

12:14:37 [shedevil] te he

12:17:49 [T.M.O.] Right Im offski now, off to make my way to Kings Cross and hopefully get some sleep on the train.

12:18:18 [BWomble2] cherio, happy christmas!

12:18:31 [T.M.O.] You too, ciao pussycats.

12:22:55 [BWomble2] ok, work time, back when bored

12:28:59 [shedevil] bye everyone - come back soon!!!

12:29:16 [shedevil] ho hum

12:38:48 [shedevil] ok now I'm bored

12:58:06 [shedevil] wow cool music Henry!

12:59:34 [BWomble2] Hi there, I'm bored of working now, its over rated

13:00:40 [BWomble2] I've just found out Joe Strummer's dead, what a loss :(

13:00:41 [shedevil] i agree

13:00:58 [shedevil] to the working statement - no idea who Joe Strummer was?

13:01:49 [shedevil] am i thick?

13:02:32 [BWomble2] no, probably just young

13:02:59 [BWomble2] The Clash, you must know them???

13:04:14 [BWomble2] wass it something I said Luce?

13:06:39 [shedevil] the clash - heard of them yes. How did he die?

13:07:07 [BWomble2] heart attack by the sound of it, he was only 50

13:09:41 [shedevil] oh dear

13:10:40 [BWomble2] indeed, sad loss, anyway, I'm off to get some last minute gifts, back later

13:42:32 [shedevil] and I'm stuck at work.......

14:01:22 [BWomble2] Party central round here, oh well :p

14:06:11 [Jenny] Darn! No one's around to hear the lovely gossip from last night...oh well. Happy Saturnalia everyone! ;)

14:08:51 [vickie2] drats..missed jim! will be back later

14:09:08 [Jenny] But I'm here!!! :)

14:09:22 [vickie2] hi jenny

14:09:54 [Jenny] Hi, how have you been?

14:10:18 [vickie2] i have been pretty good... and yourself?

14:11:15 [Jenny] I've been okay, other than various colds and mysterious coughs I'm good.

14:11:16 [shedevil] hi guys

14:11:20 [Jenny] Shedevil!!

14:11:31 [vickie2] hi shedevil

14:11:58 [shedevil] what gossip was that then jenny?

14:12:25 [vickie2] jenny.. so you have the walking crud like most of the peope here.. which memeber of clash?

14:12:55 [shedevil] brb

14:13:43 [Jenny] Yeah, I'm trying to figure out if I'm getting over the last cold I had or if I'm getting a new cold.

14:14:06 [Jenny] It's all too confuzzling really...

14:14:54 [vickie2] whenever i get a cold, i have to deal with it first thing or it stays with me for weeks

14:15:05 [vickie2] hi b w2

14:15:20 [BWomble2] hi all

14:15:22 [Jenny] Factor in the massive (well, for me) amount of alcohol that I've had in the past week and everything is strange.

14:15:27 [Jenny] Hi BW!!

14:15:53 [BWomble2] that's the last of the shopping done thank god! how is everyone?

14:16:11 [Jenny] Sick.

14:16:13 [Jenny] :)

14:16:26 [vickie2] jenny.. alc will do that + being tired will weaken your defences

14:16:44 [vickie2] BW fine.. & which member of clash?

14:16:58 [BWomble2] well i;ve suspected most of you are quite sick anyway!

14:17:29 [Jenny] Oh, but how could you ever tell? ;)

14:17:35 [BWomble2] Stummer? The main one

14:18:11 [vickie2] bw: HEY! i resemble that remark! :)

14:18:59 [vickie2] wow... the one who played guitar & did the main singing after Mick?

14:28:15 [BWomble3] oops done it again

14:28:25 [BWomble3] yeah that's the one Vickie

14:28:46 [vickie2] have to leave for a bit ... .. oh, see you are going thru numbers also

14:29:20 [BWomble3] i know, something to do with trying to do 2 things at once

14:30:37 [vickie2] what a shoame!... especially at the holidays... the computer at work has the original & i tried it here at home on AOL... didn't work

14:31:12 [vickie2] i do have to leave will be beack soon

14:34:13 [Jenny] I turn my back and everyone buggers off! Fine then...*pouts*

14:34:25 [BWomble2] aha, so i can go back down the numbers!

14:34:44 [BWomble2] I'm here just terrible at using technology

14:35:17 [BWomble2] serves me right for having an IT degree i suppose

14:35:37 [BWomble2] right now I am off

15:07:41 [Jenny] Gossip anyone?

15:07:43 [Jenny] :)

15:08:25 [shedevil] HELLLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!!!

15:08:45 [Jenny] HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15:09:06 [suz] hello!

15:09:09 [Jenny] Hi Suz!

15:09:25 [suz] hi jenny! how's it going

15:09:25 [shedevil] it's me!!!!!

15:09:33 [suz] hi shedevil!!!

15:09:50 [Jenny] Hi Jim!

15:10:12 [suz] hi jim!

15:10:12 [Jimplayers] Hi. All well?

15:10:12 [shedevil] hi Jim!!!

15:10:41 [suz] hmm not bad - but it's looking pretty busy outside...

15:10:54 [Jenny] VERY well, thanks...and your good self?

15:11:27 [shedevil] good - wish I wasn't at work though....blergh

15:11:36 [Jimplayers] Fine. Might have some champagne soon.

15:11:42 [suz] you at work?!

15:12:31 [shedevil] I am indeed at work

15:12:54 [suz] pretty bad........surely no one's working though..?

15:12:55 [Jimplayers] Until when?

15:12:56 [Jenny] I dream of champagne...no, wait, I meant vodka. Yeah, that's right, got confuzzled for a second...

15:13:10 [suz] and jim, the champagne sounds an excellent idea!

15:14:02 [Jimplayers] What are you all doing for the 25th?

15:14:08 [Jenny] Argh, I'm babbling again...don't mind me.

15:15:07 [suz] um back to see the parents and be fed to bursting point!

15:15:41 [suz] how'd the show go last night? (and the black tie party?!)

15:15:45 [Jenny] I will be in Bath as Nightingale kindly invited me to spend Chrimbo with her friends.

15:16:18 [Jimplayers] Shedevil?

15:17:38 [Jenny] The show was fantastic...so fantastic, in fact, that I didn't even get home 'till 9 something this morning because of partying.

15:18:06 [shedevil] Sorry - just had to answer the phone

15:18:11 [suz] oh my god.....surprised you're up and about now then!

15:18:27 [shedevil] working today and tomorrow am then off to the wilderness that is Norfolk.

15:19:21 [shedevil] jenny did you go home with the guy from the Store???

15:19:36 [Jenny] It's the second time in a week that I've done an all night party...and I think it's starting to show. :)

15:20:03 [Jenny] Shedevil! That's for me to know and you to eventually find out...

15:20:12 [shedevil] jemmy??

15:20:25 [shedevil] TELL!!!!

15:20:39 [shedevil] jenny even!!

15:21:08 [Jimplayers] Goota go. Have fun.

15:21:16 [suz] hey bored womble!

15:21:32 [BWomble2] afternoon

15:21:43 [Jenny] Bye Jim!

15:21:46 [suz] bye jim!

15:21:50 [shedevil] jenny you dirty dirty girl!!!

15:21:50 [BWomble2] was it something i said Jim!!

15:22:50 [Jenny] I can't help it!

15:23:52 [shedevil] but his teeth!!!! LMAO!!!

15:24:04 [shedevil] eeeeeeew!!!!

15:24:36 [suz] um on that note i think i've got to go too!!!

15:24:40 [BWomble2] wo lordy what have i wandered into!

15:24:54 [Jenny] And?!? I'll tell you what...I wasn't paying attention to his teeth.

15:24:57 [suz] have a brilliant christmas if i dont speak to you guys again!!!

15:25:15 [BWomble2] and to you

15:25:22 [BWomble2] oops too slow

15:26:00 [Jenny] Ahhh...I like it here in the gutter.

15:26:10 [BWomble2] Jenny have you been abusing the misteltoe?

15:26:14 [shedevil] Jenny you are sooo rude!!!

15:26:26 [BWomble2] well as long as you're looking at the stars my dear

15:26:36 [Jenny] Just have to be careful not to tread on Nightingale...

15:26:47 [shedevil] Bw if I could read that I'd answer

15:27:02 [shedevil] tread on Nightingale?? does she like him too??

15:27:16 [Jenny] Disclaimer: No mistletoe was harmed in our Christmas celebrations.

15:27:22 [BWomble2] ach you haven't missed much, ignore me I'm killing time before i can legitimately skive

15:27:33 [shedevil] ha ha ha

15:27:34 [Jenny] No, she's normally in the gutter too.

15:27:49 [shedevil] so rude!!

15:27:53 [BWomble2] is there another love god out there you're all fighting over? ;)

15:28:10 [shedevil] only you BW - only you....

15:28:31 [shedevil] gotta nip of for 5 mins - brb

15:28:33 [Jenny] Could swear I just heard hysterical laughing from the White City area...

15:28:39 [BWomble2] flattery will get you everywhere...

15:29:07 [BWomble2] just checking, i do hate being usurped,

15:29:31 [Jenny] Have got to pop out too to check a few things...

15:29:57 [BWomble2] well if you think I'm staying here on my own...

15:32:09 [Jenny] I think I've spread enough Chrimbo spirit for one day...later everyone!

15:39:49 [shedevil] oh everyone's gone!!

15:43:06 [shedevil] hi ade

15:44:35 [shedevil] hello michelle!

15:44:40 [Michelle] hullo

15:45:02 [.ade] hi

15:45:14 [.ade] how are you?

15:45:27 [Michelle] i'm good thanks

15:45:32 [Michelle] lves?

15:45:39 [Michelle] oops sorry

15:45:44 [shedevil] at work - and bored!! roll on Xmas!

15:45:45 [Michelle] yourselves?

15:46:02 [.ade] i'm at home and bored

15:46:06 [Michelle] :)

15:47:07 [Michelle] when do you go on holidays?

15:48:32 [shedevil] i finish at 1pm british time tomorrow

15:49:05 [shedevil] can't wait

15:49:09 [.ade] i'm not working again till 3rd jan

15:49:36 [Michelle] lucky

15:49:37 [shedevil] lucky you!

15:49:47 [Michelle] i have to work on boxing day

15:50:02 [shedevil] Hi slapper......ooops I mean Jenny! te he - I'm joking!!

15:50:29 [Michelle] hahaha

15:50:40 [Michelle] hi jenny

15:51:01 [.ade] hi

15:51:22 [shedevil] ask Jenny what she did last night Michelle - go on!

15:51:41 [Jenny] Hi Everyone...I'm back! :)

15:51:52 [.ade] just reading all the chat on here today

15:52:04 [Michelle] not sure if this is a good idea but here goes... So Jenny what did you do last night?

15:52:30 [Jenny] Someone's going to get slapped...and it ain't going to be Michelle, Ade, or me...

15:53:17 [Jenny] Nothing much, went to the Chrimbo do with the Regulars and to the Store and met up with a friend a bit later.

15:53:34 [.ade] jonathon then??

15:54:00 [Jenny] Naw...didn't have to meet up with him as he was already there.

15:54:07 [Michelle] heh heh heh

15:54:32 [Jenny] One of the guys from the Store...to clarify NOT one of the Players.

15:54:34 [Jenny] :)

15:54:49 [shedevil] a friend??? ha ha ha ha !!! LMAO

15:54:49 [.ade] the bar man you fancy?

15:55:22 [Jenny] Quite surprisingly no...but I did give him my number.

15:56:01 [shedevil] the bar man - yes!!!

15:56:33 [Jenny] Different barman, but I have a feeling Shedevil will let everyone know exactly who by the end of the day.

15:56:53 [Michelle] :)

15:57:41 [.ade] so how are you shedevil?

15:58:05 [Jenny] I was going to say something, but would ultimately be quite incriminating.

15:58:47 [Michelle] hmm?

15:59:18 [Michelle] brb

16:01:21 [shedevil] I am VERY WELL thankyou!!!! HIgh on life....

16:01:50 [.ade] shedevil thats great :-)

16:03:11 [shedevil] everything is going very well for me at the moment.

16:03:33 [EFC] Hello everyone!!!

16:03:36 [Jenny] EFC!!!!

16:03:42 [.ade] hello

16:04:00 [BWomble2] afternoon all :)

16:04:09 [EFC] JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16:04:15 [Jenny] Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!! (Just got the box today) :)

16:04:15 [.ade] hiya

16:04:35 [BWomble2] why is everyone shouting!!!

16:04:49 [EFC] <Jenny> You're welcome my dear. Merry Christmas!

16:04:49 [shedevil] EFC!!!!!!!!!

16:04:57 [EFC] SHEDEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16:05:23 [EFC] <BWomble2> I'm shouting because I haven't talked to everyone in awhile. I'm excited.

16:05:23 [Jenny] And am composing a rather entertaining e-mail for your perusal...

16:05:40 [shedevil] how are you?

16:05:41 [EFC] <Jenny> Thank you my dear, I'm looking forward to it.

16:05:51 [shedevil] jenny pulled last night!!!#

16:06:01 [BWomble2] fair enough, don't explode ;)

16:06:07 [EFC] <shedevil> Me... I'm FANTASTIC!!! I just got back last night from my weekend with my Yummy Italian Bloke.

16:06:23 [Michelle] back

16:06:27 [Michelle] everyone

16:06:38 [Michelle] *hello everyone

16:06:39 [.ade] hi again

16:06:58 [EFC] Jenny pull....never :)

16:07:14 [EFC] Sorry I changed colors

16:07:54 [Jenny] :P

16:07:56 [EFC] Hi Ade!

16:08:05 [Jenny] or is it :p ?

16:08:17 [EFC] <Jenny> both my dear :)

16:08:18 [Jenny] Yeah, that's it. :p

16:08:32 [.ade] hi efc

16:08:55 [Jenny] But I like the pretty picture...

16:09:14 [EFC] pretty picture?

16:09:24 [BWomble2] Right, merry christmas and an especially happy new year to everyone, here's to health, happiness and laughter. Back in 2003, have a good one. Cheers, BW.

16:09:51 [.ade] bye bw

16:09:59 [EFC] Cheers

16:10:18 [Michelle] merry christmas

16:10:19 [Jenny] Yeah, the smiley picture, not just the plain stuff.

16:10:25 [Jenny] Cheers BW.

16:11:50 [shedevil] EFC> glad it's all going well for you - yes Jenny did pull!!

16:12:05 [shedevil] bye bye BW!!

16:13:14 [Jenny] Cindy!!!

16:13:14 [shedevil] EFC> no - the mangy barman from the Store!! te he

16:13:32 [Jenny] He's not that bad!!

16:13:40 [Cindy] HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

16:13:49 [.ade] lol

16:14:03 [Cindy] JENNY!! how are ya hun?

16:14:36 [EFC] CINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16:14:50 [Cindy] EFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How YOU doing?

16:15:05 [Jenny] Luuvly, luuvly...and how are you?

16:15:29 [Cindy] Just peachy here thanks

16:16:06 [Cindy] EFC...good weekend??

16:16:22 [shedevil] te he - I'm KIDDING!!!!

16:16:56 [Cindy] Hi shedevil...feeling any better?

16:17:30 [Cindy] YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me smile too!!!

16:19:11 [Cindy] so who all went to dinner and the store last night?

16:19:22 [Cindy] Hi Jim!!!!!!!!!!

16:19:38 [.ade] hiya

16:19:43 [EFC] JIM!!!!!!!!!!

16:19:49 [Jimplayers] Hi.

16:19:56 [shedevil] Hiya Jim!

16:19:57 [EFC] Cindy, Shedevil, Jenny you all have mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16:20:13 [Cindy] Ok hun!! Thanks!

16:20:29 [Cindy] How are ya Jim???

16:20:34 [Jimplayers] YOU GUYS WORKING?

16:20:44 [shedevil] I'm much better ta Cindy - it was me, Nightingale, lizzlie, Luce, Obidiah, jenny and a couple of newbies last night - oh and Noriko!

16:20:56 [Cindy] No not here!!

16:20:58 [Jimplayers] sorry. didn't mean to shout..

16:21:00 [shedevil] I'm working - boo hoo

16:21:20 [Cindy] Glad to hear it shedevil....I was with you in spirit!! Have fun?

16:21:33 [Jimplayers] Cindy? EFC? Working?

16:21:42 [Cindy] No problem Jim! ;o)

16:21:44 [Michelle] yes

16:22:12 [.ade] what you up to jim?

16:22:13 [Michelle] (oops sorry dont mind me)

16:22:18 [Cindy] NOPE!! I'm presently unencumbered that way Jim!

16:22:25 [Jimplayers] Michelle? How you?

16:22:28 [shedevil] we had loads of fun Cindy

16:22:36 [Michelle] i'm good thankyou

16:22:39 [Jenny] EFC - Slowly replying now so I will be away for a bit.

16:22:45 [Michelle] you?

16:22:48 [Cindy] YAY!!!! shedevil..glad to hear it!!!

16:23:08 [Cindy] brb gonna check EFC'c mail

16:25:16 [Jimplayers] Just passing through. See you all soon. Bye.

16:25:50 [shedevil] Got your mail EFC!!!

16:26:14 [EFC] :)

16:26:39 [Michelle] just wondering which of the regulars was it that plays the guitar?

16:27:05 [Cindy] OK EFC...YOU have mail hun!!

16:27:22 [EFC] brb

16:27:45 [Cindy] Oh poo missed Jim's exit!

16:29:01 [Cindy] Think Richard does Michelle

16:30:03 [Jenny] Regulars...or Players?

16:30:22 [Michelle] oh no i mean out of the regulars audience members

16:30:27 [Cindy] opps my bad didn't read that right...LOL

16:30:45 [Michelle] :)

16:31:17 [Jenny] Well, Obdiah plays piano and I've taught myself a bit of guitar, but not much. ;)

16:31:31 [Michelle] :) cool

16:31:34 [Cindy] Good for you Jenny!!

16:31:58 [Michelle] yes well done

16:32:41 [Jenny] I have a guitar, but it mostly sits in my room...I'm better at the drums (8 years I think...).

16:32:47 [EFC] Cindy, Shedevil... mail right back at ya!

16:33:01 [Cindy] Ok hun!

16:33:47 [Cindy] Keep it up Jenny and you can be a one woman band!

16:33:57 [Michelle] hahaha i tried drums but i'm too unco-ordinated for it

16:34:24 [Jenny] I took a few flute lessons and played the trumpet for a while too!

16:34:37 [Cindy] EFC...no mail here yet.

16:34:51 [Cindy] you go girl!!

16:35:08 [EFC] :)

16:35:18 [Cindy] This is true EFC!

16:35:37 [Cindy] LOL I meant Jenny you silly!

16:35:42 [shedevil] i play the recorder!! te he

16:35:54 [Cindy] opps brb got an IM

16:36:43 [.ade] i play keyboards and had trumpet lessons once

16:36:59 [IceAngel] just popping in to say hello and goodbye :)

16:37:10 [IceAngel] so hello everyone...

16:37:17 [Jenny] Hi Iceangel!

16:37:21 [Michelle] i want to buy a piano but on $6 an hour it's proving quite difficult to afford

16:37:23 [EFC] I play the euphonium... does that count for anything?

16:37:30 [EFC] Hi IceAngel

16:37:37 [Michelle] hi Iceangel

16:37:39 [IceAngel] and goodbye for today!... boss is letting me skive off early yipee

16:38:24 [IceAngel] have a good evening all.. maybe see people tomorrow

16:38:59 [Michelle] if not have a nice christmas

16:42:54 [EFC] Is everyone taking a slight nap?

16:45:35 [Cindy] OK mail right back at ya EFC!!

16:45:37 [Michelle] it would seem that way

16:46:29 [Michelle] has anyone heard Oasis' new album?

16:47:23 [Michelle] (sorry just trying to make converation)

16:47:39 [Jenny] EFC - Mail!

16:48:08 [Cindy] No problem Michelle..nope haven't heard it

16:49:29 [Michelle] ah...well so much for a conversation starter :P

16:49:32 [Michelle] ood anyway

16:49:44 [.ade] back soz

16:49:51 [Michelle] w/b

16:49:58 [.ade] don;t really like oasis anymore

16:50:14 [Michelle] how come?

16:50:37 [Jenny] Have to go now, but will see you all on the Wall later. Bye!

16:50:56 [Michelle] bye

16:51:41 [.ade] changed my music tastes I guess, they have got boring

16:51:55 [Michelle] fair enough

16:52:29 [Michelle] nly just started liking them recentlyish (when i heard stop crying your heart out) so it'll probably wear off soon

16:53:19 [.ade] got there first album long ago when i was a student

16:53:51 [Michelle] yeah

16:54:19 [Michelle] i like there new one and morning glory best, the others are..ok but a tad dodgy

16:54:49 [.ade] fair enough

16:55:06 [Michelle] :)

16:56:29 [.ade] need to wake the others up I think

16:57:11 [Michelle] has anyone else noticed that the reindeer in the background seems to have a human body? and seems to be posing

16:57:30 [Michelle] or is that just me

16:58:23 [Michelle] hi

16:58:53 [.ade] hehe there is one yeah

16:59:06 [vickie2] hi... just dropped in

16:59:08 [Michelle] :)

16:59:26 [.ade] hi

16:59:37 [vickie2] hi ade..

17:00:01 [Michelle] brb have to record something

17:00:11 [shedevil] I'm still here - just working!!

17:00:28 [.ade] what do you do?

17:00:35 [vickie2] i will be in & out today.. have to go to town

17:00:51 [vickie2] hi shedevil

17:00:52 [.ade] ok

17:01:13 [Cindy] HI vickie!!!

17:01:19 [vickie2] hi cindy

17:01:22 [Cindy] brb

17:01:30 [shedevil] hello hello....

17:01:36 [vickie2] oooops forgot the !!!!

17:02:17 [vickie2] shedevil.. keeping bbc in order

17:02:29 [vickie2] hi kes!

17:02:41 [Kes] 'lo all

17:02:55 [.ade] hi

17:04:42 [Kes] Everyone doze off?

17:05:45 [.ade] back in a bit

17:05:55 [vickie2] no just watching murder she wrote

17:06:43 [Kes] How exciting. ;)

17:07:45 [EFC] I'm back now from an onslaught of emails... what have I missed?

17:07:58 [vickie2] yeah... i am sitting in the floor & numbing my bum! :)

17:08:01 [shedevil] the bbc is running thanks to me.....

17:08:03 [Kes] Personally, Columbo was more my style. Now I like watching Monk.

17:08:35 [Kes] I'm sure the bbc thanks you, shedevil.

17:09:19 [vickie2] i like Collumbo too... ..what is your last word Kes.. cannot make it out

17:09:28 [Kes] LOL! I take it you are a Columbo fan, EFC?

17:09:58 [Kes] Monk? New show with Tony Shalhoub.

17:10:35 [shedevil] te he....

17:10:37 [vickie2] emails? good grief, i dread them when i get back to work next week

17:11:35 [vickie2] shedevil: bbc needs you!

17:11:48 [shedevil] Stepehen Fry has been fined for speeding!! Naughty Stephen.

17:12:16 [shedevil] just heard it on the news...

17:12:18 [Kes] Ooh. Tsk. Tsk. No pressies from Father Christmas.

17:12:37 [vickie2] oh no!! one of my favs ... any particulars

17:12:49 [Kes] If you like Columbo you'd like Monk too, EFC.

17:13:55 [vickie2] i am into the CSI series & Law & Order stuff

17:14:36 [Kes] Bummer, EFC. Must get your priorities straight. ;)

17:15:15 [Michelle] back

17:15:26 [Kes] I never started watching those, vickie. Only dramas I watch are Crossing Jordan and ER

17:15:26 [EFC] Oh trust me, my priorites are as straight as they can be. I love television but I love my job and spending time with Yummy Italian Bloke alot more than television.

17:15:35 [vickie2] what were you recording?

17:15:56 [Michelle] a couple of guitar riffs

17:16:03 [Kes] Fair 'nuff, EFC. I suppose a warm body beats a warm TV any day.

17:16:03 [Michelle] (on to the computer)

17:17:03 [vickie2] efc: your priorities are in the right order..warm body is better than in front of the TV

17:17:07 [Kes] LOL!

17:17:52 [vickie2] hi again ade

17:18:12 [.ade] hi vickie

17:18:23 [EFC] welcome back ade, hope all is well

17:19:11 [.ade] everything is fine efc

17:19:40 [vickie2] legs keep falling asleep... i am on the floor .. the only private place is in the back bedroom

17:20:17 [.ade] how come vickie?

17:22:00 [vickie2] the desk in the study is full of stuff & i was trying to deep the brother off the computer

17:22:32 [vickie2] ooops,. i mean keep... dyslexia

17:22:49 [EFC] alright folks, I have to get going for a bit, I'll be back in about 20 minutes, Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

17:23:11 [Kes] Merry Christmas, EFC.

17:23:12 [.ade] bye for now efc :-)

17:23:13 [vickie2] bye efx.. ho ho ho to you also

17:23:16 [Cindy] BYE EFC!!!!!

17:23:42 [vickie2] what are you doing cindy?

17:25:47 [.ade] where do you work at bbc shedevil?

17:26:09 [Cindy] ummm beside chatting here..I'm IMing with friend...and exchanging e-mail with EFC...think my head may explode!! LOL

17:26:58 [Cindy] what are you up to?

17:29:56 [vickie2] just relaxong at home.. going to town later today & i have a doctor's appt.

17:33:35 [shedevil] I work in Television centre - tha main building as a researcher.

17:33:46 [Cindy] Oh ok...good luck with that...I've got to move along here for a bit so I'll be back later..Have a good one all!!!

17:34:43 [Kes] bye Cindy.

17:35:13 [vickie2] bye cindy!! catch you later this afternoon

17:35:20 [.ade] shedevl> I have worked for panorama at white city a few times and have worked with bbc docs at various facility companies,

17:36:50 [vickie2] i need to do some things around the house.. catch all you guys later

17:37:10 [.ade] bye vickie

17:37:28 [shedevil] cool - when was that ade? I used to work in the white city building last year

17:38:35 [.ade] on and off since sept

17:39:12 [shedevil] cool - the pay is crap!! te he

17:39:36 [.ade] not when you are freelance and they are desparate

17:41:24 [.ade] though bbc cpu offered me crap money :-(

17:43:28 [Kes] Oy, I'm tired.I need to get to bed. Happy Holidays.

17:43:45 [.ade] happy xmas kes bye

17:44:33 [Michelle] bye ppls, have a nice christmas and a good holiday

17:44:57 [.ade] you to michelle byeeee

17:50:04 [EFC] Guess who's back?

17:50:29 [.ade] don't know who? hehe

17:52:07 [.ade] ok gotta go and eat byeeeeeeeeeeee shedevil and efc

17:56:21 [shedevil] bye!!!! hello EFC!

17:58:55 [shedevil] hello?

18:00:01 [Angie] 'ello all .. just popping in quickly

18:00:23 [shedevil] hi angie!!!

18:01:05 [Angie] Hiya ... how's things?

18:01:44 [EFC] hello

18:01:58 [EFC] sorry I'm talking to my YIB

18:04:16 [shedevil] shouldn't be allowed - I'm off home shortly

18:04:41 [EFC] no don't leave me

18:05:12 [shedevil] sorry EFC - I'll get thrown out of the office!

18:05:42 [EFC] alright, if you have to

18:18:38 [shedevil] bye all!!!!!!!! - oh there's no one here!!

18:18:50 [shedevil] merry christmas y'all!!

19:15:21 [Cindy] <------carrying a huge bowl full of holday punch....Hmm nobody here??..ok well I'll just set this down on the table...Enjoy all...oh yeah here are some cups as well..be back later!

19:16:08 [Cindy] opps make that holiday punch..what can I say I sampled some before I brought it in..

19:16:25 [Cindy] Hi again EFC!!!!

19:16:40 [EFC] Hello darling... you having fun in here all alone?

19:17:09 [Cindy] Just came in to bring some punch for when all get back...tee hee

19:17:36 [EFC] Punch sounds good, but it's almost my lunch time... is there any food yet?

19:17:54 [Cindy] Thanks for sharing your weekend adventure hun!!

19:18:16 [Cindy] Umm nope think the caterers are late!

19:19:03 [EFC] No problem... I'm so happy I just have to share it with someone or I'll bust.

19:19:51 [Cindy] LOL I understand!! Tis wonderful!!!

19:20:21 [Cindy] Oh I sent you a mail with the letter

19:20:31 [EFC] Thank you for sharing your letter. There's no telling what's going to happen now.

19:21:02 [Cindy] LOL well as long as it isn't a restarining order I'll be happy...LOL

19:21:15 [EFC] LOL... highly unlikely

19:21:36 [Cindy] Soo how's the weather there...have snow?

19:22:07 [EFC] Not really, It's partly cloudy and about 35 F but very windy

19:22:44 [Cindy] Yes here too..expecting a storm tomorrow night..so we may have a white Christmas!

19:23:30 [EFC] Sounds good, No storm here though, but that's alright I would like a nice smooth drive to work on the day after Christmas.

19:24:12 [Cindy] LOL yes that would be nice! Oh I never was able to se that pic of your sweetie

19:24:22 [Cindy] Hi ade!

19:24:46 [.ade] hiya

19:25:06 [EFC] Try this...

19:25:09 [EFC] http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/fb3a8663/bc/Yahoo!+Photo+Album/vakshade.JPG?pferk99AFwrYEhpf

19:25:27 [EFC] sorry it does't work does it?

19:25:42 [Cindy] Oh cool...lemme check this out!!

19:25:54 [Cindy] POO no it didn't!!!!

19:26:14 [Cindy] got the same thing I got last time

19:26:16 [EFC] give me a second, brb

19:26:32 [Cindy] OK

19:26:58 [Cindy] so what are you up to today ade?

19:28:01 [.ade] not much, just tidying up and sorting my computer out

19:28:10 [.ade] you?

19:28:18 [Cindy] ahh did the same myself the other night

19:28:41 [Cindy] not much..putting off last minute wrapping and such..lol

19:29:27 [EFC] Alright... here are instructions on how to get there... go to Yahoo.com; do a search for 'member profiles;' click on Yahoo Member Profiles; type in 'vkether' as a Yahoo ID, you should see him then

19:29:30 [.ade] yeah me to will do that tommorow

19:30:16 [Cindy] Oh ok...will do....brb

19:33:24 [Cindy] YAY that worked!!! what a cutie!! Love the shades and LOVED his response to marital staus..good going hun!!

19:34:54 [Cindy] "long term realtionship" *sigh* How sweet!

19:34:55 [EFC] Thanks I think so, he actually looks a few years older in person and he now has a full beard

19:35:18 [Cindy] Oo la la!!

19:35:45 [EFC] :)

19:36:14 [Cindy] treid to send you a recent pic of you know who..but my e-mail wouldn't let me..I'l try again later

19:36:27 [EFC] Ta

19:36:49 [Cindy] right now I must away...presents to wrap and such..hope to check back later!

19:37:19 [Cindy] taje care ade and have a good lunch EFC darlin!

19:37:24 [EFC] if not have a good Christmas my dear, all the best as always

19:37:37 [.ade] thanks cindy, see you again

19:37:52 [Cindy] You too hun!! Enjoy it ALL!!!!

19:38:01 [Cindy] byeeeeee

19:38:12 [.ade] brb

19:38:35 [EFC] ho hum...

19:39:30 [.ade] hi efc

19:39:37 [EFC] **twiddling thumbs**

19:40:04 [EFC] hi ade, what's new with you?

19:40:38 [.ade] usual stuff , so where are you?

19:40:56 [EFC] Chicago

19:41:22 [.ade] ah nice, heard its a great place

19:41:39 [EFC] it is a very pretty city

19:41:54 [EFC] not as nice as London though **sigh**

19:42:10 [.ade] you think?

19:42:28 [EFC] I LOVE LONDON!!!!!

19:42:46 [Cindy] OK EFC...it worked you have mail...enjoy!!! ok bbl

19:43:07 [.ade] you come alot then?

19:43:07 [EFC] Ta again.

19:43:26 [Cindy] My pleasure..ok i outta here...lol

19:59:57 [T.M.O.] Enter, exit, I just dont know what to do..

20:00:17 [T.M.O.] "All by myself...........dont wanna be........."

20:16:14 [T.M.O.] Well hello!!

20:16:18 [Night] Hi TMO!

20:17:04 [Night] Looks like I just missed TMO by twenty mins as well - darn!

20:17:14 [Night] How are you feeling today?

20:17:44 [Night] That should have read 'just missed EFC' - I'm not concentrating because George of the Jungle is on the telly.

20:17:52 [T.M.O.] Just about coming round, what a nightmare of a hangover!!

20:19:00 [Night] I'm not surprised! Oo - George gets out of shower... Not as cute as George in brown shawl-type thing, but George in general is just yummy...

20:19:42 [T.M.O.] Its the long hair thing isnt it??

20:20:10 [Night] It's the long hair & FANTASTIC smile thing!

20:21:11 [T.M.O.] Have you been on much today??

20:21:27 [T.M.O.] That wasnt a drugs-related question BTW

20:22:08 [Night] The chat? Nope, just for a brief spell this morning to see if I could get on. I could - but my boss spent most of the day within sight of my PC monitor...

20:22:31 [Night] I haven't been on anything - not even alcohol after the last few days!

20:25:09 [Night2] Doh! When will I remember not to hit 'refresh'?

20:25:56 [T.M.O.] No probs, more of a party atmosphere.

20:27:03 [Night2] I just like to keep myself company!

20:32:38 [EFC] Hello loverly ladies

20:32:42 [Night2] Hellooooo!

20:33:14 [T.M.O.] Hiya EFC!! Hows you??

20:33:18 [EFC] How are the holidays treating you?

20:33:53 [Night2] They haven't started yet on my side - tomorrow lunchtime is when I pack up for Christmas.

20:34:06 [Night2] How are your festivities looking?

20:34:23 [T.M.O.] Me too. And how is Yummy Italian Bloke?? Tee Hee....so jealous

20:35:58 [T.M.O.] Ahhh bless, Im really pleased for ya.

20:36:00 [Night2] Hi Jim

20:36:00 [EFC] Really, it's showing up on the board.

20:36:02 [EFC] hi jim

20:36:23 [Jimplayers] Hi all.

20:36:35 [Night2] It will show up for you - but I can see that TMO has responded to a remark from you that I can't see!

20:36:37 [T.M.O.] heeeeellllllllloo

20:36:56 [EFC] oh, now I get it

20:37:11 [Night2] If anyone's confused we're on about how clicking on someone's name makes it a PM that others can't see!

20:37:23 [EFC] TMO have you been naughty or nice this year?

20:37:36 [T.M.O.] What do you think??

20:38:38 [Jimplayers] Just checking things are OK. I'll leave you all to it.

20:39:02 [Night2] OK Jim - see you around then. I'm stopping for dinner myself in a mo.

20:40:04 [Jimplayers] Bye bye ladies......

20:40:24 [T.M.O.] See ya


20:41:08 [Night2] Hi Cindy!

20:41:18 [Cindy] TMOOOO

20:41:36 [Cindy] Nightingale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:42:00 [Cindy] How are you my darlins??

20:42:03 [EFC] My goodness what time is it?

20:42:03 [T.M.O.] How are you chuck?

20:42:39 [Cindy] Hey EFC!!! You still here hun?

20:42:55 [Cindy] Hanging in there TMO and you?

20:43:14 [EFC] Yes, I'm still here but I best be off to lunch now. Talk to you later. Maybe I can get YIB on sometime tomorrow. Love to you all and HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

20:43:21 [Night2] I'm going to have to love you & leave you I'm afraid - my dinner is cooked & I have to go eat food so that I can become human again!

20:43:39 [Night2] See you all later!

20:43:52 [Cindy] Oh yes that would be great EFC!! Ho Ho Ho you too!

20:43:54 [EFC] Bye everyone... for now.

20:44:17 [T.M.O.] Ta Ra

20:44:33 [Cindy] gesshh *cindy checks her breath*..something I said??...LOL

20:45:06 [T.M.O.] Haaaaaa

20:45:16 [Cindy] OO just you and me kid! LOL So how's things?

20:45:48 [T.M.O.] Aside from a hangover the size of Mars, not bad.

20:46:08 [Cindy] uh oh...lol

20:46:37 [Cindy] fall of the wagon did we?

20:47:04 [Cindy] umm make that ofF...geessh

20:47:32 [T.M.O.] Its the first time Ive been drunk in 3 months, went a bit mad. It was the tequila wot done it guv..

20:48:11 [Cindy] ah yes....well that will do it EVERY time!

20:48:24 [T.M.O.] Fab show though.

20:48:57 [Cindy] YAY!!! I bet! Wish I could have been there!

20:49:50 [T.M.O.] We still doing 28th Feb??

20:50:17 [Cindy] I'm checking into somethings for the new year that may just ensure that I don't miss out if such things...yes only it's the 21st

20:50:40 [Cindy] On such things not if...yessh need an edit function here

20:51:00 [T.M.O.] oooooooops

20:51:34 [Cindy] yes my airfare is booked..got word of a fab deakl but had to book it by the 18th Dec..so I'm coming!!

20:52:31 [T.M.O.] wooo-hoooooooo

20:52:40 [Cindy] Eddie may NOT be there..may have a schedule conflict..but I'll be there nonetheless

20:53:52 [Cindy] yeah I'm excited...cos also the next night some of us are heading up to Kendal to see Jim and Andy..you should come with too

20:54:19 [T.M.O.] No probs - his loss - ha!

20:54:39 [Cindy] YEAH!! ahahahahahahaha!

20:54:41 [T.M.O.] Oh really........*strokes chin*

20:54:55 [T.M.O.] Jim and Andy you say........

20:55:34 [Cindy] yeah the Players are on tour and will be up there that weekend

20:56:29 [T.M.O.] Ill have to see what Mr TMO says...he may whinge.

20:57:13 [Cindy] Ohh poo!! whinge schminge...lol..but I understand..just know you have an open invitation

20:57:35 [T.M.O.] Ta chuck.

20:57:49 [Cindy] no problem my pleasure!

20:58:44 [T.M.O.] What's Santa fetching yer then??

20:58:55 [Cindy] yeah according to some freinds Eddie ws asked at he sigining last Mond about attending the gala..they said he sounded really frustrated about the new date cos they may be a conflict..but think if he can be there he will be...time will tell

20:59:52 [Cindy] Ummm not to much....mainly cash...not much I need or want this year..kinda hard to get into the spirit of it right now

21:00:05 [Cindy] hows bout you?

21:00:36 [T.M.O.] Havent been a good girl......so nowt.

21:01:35 [Cindy] you NOT a good girl?...color me surprised!

21:02:44 [T.M.O.] Ha haa. - cheeky bugger!! Just about to move into a new house thats twice the size of this one so Ive asked for housey stuff. Must be getting old!

21:03:42 [Cindy] WOWEEE!! No I understand..hey thats what I'd be asking for too...ahhh adulthood!!!

21:04:05 [Cindy] same area?

21:04:34 [T.M.O.] Yeah, about 3 miles away.

21:04:59 [Cindy] well that saves some hassle then...short trip

21:05:14 [Cindy] Congrats on the new digs!

21:06:29 [T.M.O.] Ta, Im still coming to terms with it having 3 toilets. Oh the decisions!!!

21:07:31 [Cindy] LOL oh I know same thing when we moved here...only prob is thats three toilets to clean!! UGH!!

21:08:03 [Cindy] Dad said hey we can all pee at the same time!! LOL

21:08:42 [T.M.O.] Or have one reserved to be sick in, couldve done with those last night *LOL*

21:08:49 [T.M.O.] Sorry...

21:09:00 [T.M.O.] bit too much info there

21:09:19 [Cindy] LOL no prob I unerstand and yes that does come in handy too

21:10:02 [Cindy] I got sick lat time I ahd tequils too..course ut could have been the Asti Spumate that I chased it down with...

21:10:21 [Cindy] eek typos are me!!

21:10:45 [T.M.O.] Youve been at the Asti Spewmanti already!

21:10:52 [T.M.O.] Are you at work?

21:11:19 [Cindy] No don't work anymore..resigned so as to be able to help Dad with Mom full time

21:12:08 [T.M.O.] Oh I didnt know that.

21:13:09 [Cindy] yep got injured at work and while recovering..saw just what all he was coping with here and made the decision that I ws needed here more then at some dead end job with little pay

21:13:47 [T.M.O.] Respect.

21:14:15 [Cindy] Thanks hun

21:15:31 [Cindy] It's rough but yas gotta do what yas gotta do!

21:16:27 [T.M.O.] Absolutely.

21:18:42 [Cindy] so how ya spending the holiday?

21:18:44 [T.M.O.] Think Im gonna go to bed...

21:18:55 [T.M.O.] Ooops sorry...

21:19:37 [Cindy] LOl no problem hun I understand go get some rest and feel better!

21:19:59 [T.M.O.] For christmas I shall be at my parents, with nephew and niece jumping on my head. Mr TMO dresses up as Santa (very funny). Then for new year out on the beers in Edinburgh. Cant wait.

21:20:35 [Cindy] aww sounds like fun!!! have a fab time if I don't talk with you before then!

21:21:29 [T.M.O.] Yeah you too my dear!!! Gonna leave you. You gonna be alright on your own. Its a bit scary...

21:21:31 [Cindy] now off to bed with you!!

21:21:53 [T.M.O.] See ya babe.

21:21:58 [Cindy] I'll be fine...gotta do some sutff here too...lol

21:22:08 [Cindy] bye darlin!

21:23:39 [Luce] something i said?

21:23:46 [Luce] back later

22:12:00 [Cindy] Alloooooo

22:14:32 [Cindy] Nightingale is that you?

22:16:26 [EFC] You ladies still here?

22:17:16 [Cindy] well I just stepped back in..hiya hun..don't know where Night is

22:20:00 [EFC] either eatting, sleeping or wrapping pressies

22:20:20 [Cindy] running in and out as I try to get some laundry done

22:20:27 [Night] Hello - sorry, mobile phone call!

22:20:35 [Cindy] yeah that would be my guess as well...LOL

22:20:35 [EFC] understandable... I need to do laundry

22:20:40 [EFC] or a phone call...

22:20:50 [Night] I have crap reception in my flat so I had to go outside.

22:20:50 [Cindy] Hiya Nightingale!!!

22:21:00 [Cindy] LOL EFC!!

22:21:19 [Night] Hi everyone

22:21:27 [Cindy] well that's convenient Night!

22:21:37 [Cindy] Hi bo!!

22:21:53 [bo] Hello, and Merry Christmas all

22:22:22 [Night] Merry Christmas!

22:22:37 [Cindy] Merry Christmas to you as well..or should that be Happy Saturnalia!

22:22:54 [bo] that too, haha

22:23:12 [EFC] brb

22:23:27 [Cindy] ok

22:23:48 [Cindy] So Night and bo...how have you been??

22:24:16 [Night] Fine thanks Cindy - and you?

22:24:17 [bo] doing well - at my parents house in jackson, tennessee (closer to memphis) and have the whole week off of work

22:24:30 [Cindy] cool!!!!!

22:24:30 [bo] and how are you?

22:24:41 [Cindy] just fine thank you

22:25:03 [Cindy] survive the ordeal at work today Night?

22:25:53 [Night] Yep - it wasn't so much the work load - it was having a stressed boss hovering around me looking for an excuse to savage someone! Bless her, she's lovely but gets very stressed!

22:26:27 [Cindy] Ahh yes that can add so much to a work environment!

22:26:48 [bo] Night, I have had those b/f!

22:27:11 [Cindy] do you have to work tomorrow?

22:27:19 [Night] I'm watching Test The Nation, it's an interactive test to see what you can remember from the year's news. I did it before the show & got 67% - largely let down by my sport & entertainment (lack of) knowledge!

22:27:53 [bo] night, i was a sports trivia champion in university, so maybe i should have helped - but then again, i know my american stuff

22:28:02 [Cindy] LOL sounds like fun although with my mind I'm luckt if I can remember what happended yesterday!

22:28:41 [Night] I was impressed to see that I think I did fairly well at the 'broad-sheet' style questions (even though I only read The Metro). I get most of my news info from Yahoo!

22:29:08 [Cindy] Cool well the that bodes well for yahoo then!

22:29:34 [bo] i indeed get quite a bit of my news from yahoo - good place to go

22:30:11 [Cindy] well just stopped in for a quick hi...Mom will be back from daycare soon..so I may have to disappear in a moments notice

22:30:11 [Night] Yep, I read it nearly every day - well, I check out the headlines whenever I log on at any rate!

22:30:29 [Cindy] same here!!

22:30:53 [bo] understand - night, i just sent out my christmas cards here in teh States, and used one of my London pictures from this year (Leeds Castle ended up being the picture)

22:32:04 [Night] Oh dear, error message about a kernal and now it's running slow. Going to try exiting chat.

22:32:09 [Cindy] opps there she is...gotta run take care guys and Ho ho Ho!!

22:40:05 [Night] You still there EFC? Just had to re-start my laptop!

22:45:28 [EFC] yup just got back

22:46:02 [Night] Hello again hon! Not sure what it was that went pear-shaped but my laptop didn't like it!

22:47:15 [EFC] Oh no... I had an important phone call to take.

22:48:10 [Night] I haven't done any packing, wrapping or tidying up yet - I'm a bad girl!

22:49:32 [EFC] yes you are... don't worry I haven't done any work today

22:50:17 [Night] I've told myself that I can surf till ten - then I have to get stuff sorted & then I can come back online again. I'm so strict with myself sometimes...

22:50:47 [EFC] hee hee... I've told myself to stay at work until 4:30 and then I can go home

22:50:57 [EFC] I WANT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

22:51:07 [Night] Don't your company tell you to do that as well though...! ;)

22:51:43 [Night] I want to be hungry enough for desert - I'm having doughnut & icecream with nuts & chocolate sauce - mmm....!

22:51:49 [EFC] what... to go home or stay until 4:30?

22:52:02 [EFC] dessert, yum

22:52:03 [Night] To stay until 4:30!

22:52:34 [Night] I don't normally have desserts but I had a slightly low day & blame it on low blood sugar! ;)

22:54:18 [EFC] oh, I can leave pretty much any time since I'm the only one in today and I got here really really early

22:54:33 [EFC] I decided to get in early instead of staying really late.

22:54:38 [EFC] I want to see my baby

22:55:11 [Night] Sounds like a good plan. Say hi to him for me (unless there's something you haven't told me, in which case, say 'gooo-ga-ga'.)

22:56:20 [EFC] No baby for another 4 years or so

22:56:28 [EFC] And I will tell AJ hi for you.

22:57:50 [Night] Ah - you two are sooo sweet!

22:58:13 [EFC] hee hee

23:00:32 [EFC] It is kind of sickening isn't it

23:01:48 [Night] Well - the next best thing to being loved up yourself is having a friend be happy!

23:02:52 [EFC] Thanks my dear... :)

23:03:06 [Night] Oh well - I'd better go be good now & pack... :(

23:03:19 [Night] See you later hon.

23:03:29 [EFC] I'll talk to you later and Merry Christmas

00:53:37 [vickie2] seems like we are making appearances when no one is here... :)

02:30:30 [Cindy] Shoot empty again! Oh well..fa la la la la la la la la...think I'll just stroll over to the punch bowl here...

02:31:25 [Cindy] wow there is still some left?! think I'll have a glass or two

02:32:59 [Cindy] or three..or four....*sigh*..."tish the sheashon to be jolly......"

02:34:00 [Cindy] <------passed out with punch bowl on her head..

02:47:59 [vickie2] yanking cindy's head out of the bowl shaking her dry! :)

04:48:07 [Mirkat] Hello everyone!!

04:49:05 [Mirkat] Thought I'd stop by and say hello for a minute.

04:55:18 [Mirkat] Also, I'd like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, or a happy Winter Solstice, whatever floats your boat...;-)

04:55:48 [Mirkat] And remember, it's all uphill from here!

09:43:06 [F.A.] mornign Henry!

09:43:16 [F.A.] or is it evening for you??

09:43:40 [Henry] Hi Yes it's late

09:44:02 [Henry] I was just looking back over what has been going on

09:44:17 [Henry] and it started jumping to the end

09:44:30 [Henry] Then I realised someone had arrived

09:44:41 [Henry] And it was you

09:44:43 [F.A.] jsut done the same for me ;)

09:44:44 [Henry] is you

09:44:46 [Henry] how nicw

09:44:48 [F.A.] So how ya doing?

09:45:13 [F.A.] This is wonderful tha tyou keep doing this for us...makes a change :)

09:45:21 [Henry] nicw = nice

09:45:38 [Henry] I am very well tho cold tonight

09:45:44 [F.A.] don't worry about it ~ it's too early on Christmas Eve for my typing to be any good ~ LOL

09:45:51 [Henry] Well it's a pleasure

09:46:07 [F.A.] pretty chilly over here too..

09:46:15 [Henry] to have fun with the decorations

09:46:28 [F.A.] I love the background pics you've used ~ I was gonna email you about them

09:46:31 [Henry] Good news on your job!!!

09:46:34 [F.A.] Where'd you get them from?

09:46:35 [Henry] well done

09:47:00 [Henry] Don't quite remember now where they came from

09:47:10 [F.A.] I know! Three weeks in the South of Spain in January...tee hee

09:47:13 [Henry] ut the Saturnalian scene is amazing isn't it

09:47:33 [F.A.] absolutely gorgeous!

09:47:50 [Henry] Just like your Sautunalian training in Spain I would think

09:48:09 [F.A.] LMAO!

09:48:25 [Henry] I have been thinking of boycotting Overture - but my clients wouldn't like that

09:48:28 [F.A.] It's weird to think that I'll be jetting off in a couple of weeks...

09:48:52 [Henry] They don't have a very friendly resonance

09:49:20 [F.A.] don't worry about it with Overture ~ they are good guys really...just 'interesting' ethics ;)

09:49:20 [Henry] Saville is very beautiful isn't it

09:49:35 [Henry] Seville

09:50:00 [Henry] Do you speak Spanish well

09:50:33 [F.A.] ooooo...things have gone slow my end

09:51:02 [Henry] Probably early morning rush

09:52:20 [Henry] I have to go for 20 mins - maybe catch you later?

09:53:07 [F.A.] ooops ~ when you read this later ~ BYE HENRY!!!

09:53:30 [F.A.] PC was playing up...and to answer your questions...no I don't speak Spanish...not yet anyway :)

10:23:35 [Henry] TMO I put that Santa song in there just like that just for you - I'm so glad you got it!!

10:23:49 [shedevil] morning boys and girls!

10:24:04 [Henry] Hi there

10:24:17 [Henry] You are not really out of a job at the Abra you know

10:24:22 [T.M.O] Henry.....................I love you!!

10:24:48 [shedevil] hello henry - I know that I was just trying to get some extra cash out of Andy - te he

10:24:57 [Henry] especially because the Black Jack addition is rather iffy

10:25:03 [shedevil] TMO - have you been drinking? te he

10:25:18 [shedevil] it'sgreat - just been playing it - I beat Andy!!

10:25:44 [T.M.O] I dont drink, you know that...

10:25:46 [Henry] TMO you are the second person on the wall to say that in two days - hope I'm on a roll

10:26:20 [T.M.O] a bread one?

10:26:35 [shedevil] te he!

10:26:55 [shedevil] TMO - do you still love me? you did Sunday night!

10:27:33 [shedevil] *flutters eyelashes*

10:28:03 [Henry] Crumbs I hope not

10:28:17 [T.M.O] Did I??

10:28:31 [T.M.O] In that case Ill meet you on the bridge at midnight??

10:28:51 [T.M.O] As you may have guessed Im a very loveable and tactile drunk.

10:28:56 [Henry] Bridge now - what happened to the poker?

10:29:02 [T.M.O] SSo shoot me... LOL

10:31:16 [Henry] SD I don't quite understand all the performance thing that you get involved with - whaT...

10:31:30 [Henry] ..is it all aboiut?

10:31:51 [shedevil] performance thing?

10:31:53 [T.M.O] Henry, you HAVE been drinking!!

10:32:12 [Henry] So....?

10:32:17 [shedevil] you mean my little am dram group - it's nothing just a bunch of like-minded people who take acting and singing FAR too seriously!! te he

10:32:37 [Henry] SD aren't you in some shows struuting your stuff ?

10:32:56 [Henry] Who is behind it

10:33:00 [shedevil] strutting?? ha ha I would put it like that - I get hung in the next show!!

10:33:26 [Henry] Well Hung?

10:33:41 [shedevil] it's a group I joined when I moved to london - it's run by a committee of people who change every year. I may nominate myself for committee memeber next year....

10:33:43 [Henry] I just wondered if I would get that out before TMO

10:33:47 [T.M.O] Henry you little tinker............

10:33:57 [shedevil] te he

10:34:00 [T.M.O] *damn too slow*

10:34:40 [Henry] Where is it based - I used to be in several drama groups way back in London

10:35:08 [shedevil] West London - Greenford way......we perform in ealing and Hanwell

10:35:35 [Henry] Nothing to do with the Questors?

10:36:04 [shedevil] Nothing to do with the group, but we do our main show at the Theatre every year.

10:36:23 [shedevil] We did Copacabana there last year - and will do Moll Flanders there in May.

10:36:33 [Henry] So we have trodden the same boards then?

10:36:48 [Henry] Sounds like a lot of fun

10:37:06 [shedevil] it is - I love it. Were you with the Questors lot?

10:37:15 [shedevil] Hi FA!!

10:37:23 [Henry] Yes

10:37:27 [T.M.O] HI Chick Pea

10:37:35 [F.A.] hi all!

10:37:46 [shedevil] but you have to be dead good to join them don't you H?

10:37:49 [Henry] back 73 and 74

10:37:54 [T.M.O] We are chatting up Henry

10:38:02 [Henry] Well I am!

10:38:12 [Henry] Hi again FA

10:38:22 [shedevil] oooh - give us some Shakespeare then? te he

10:38:32 [F.A.] Hi again Henry

10:38:42 [F.A.] Oh my font has gone weird...

10:38:57 [F.A.] TMO ~ you recovered?

10:39:05 [Henry] We'll have to wait until this is a streaming audio chat

10:39:08 [IceAngel] Merry Christmas Eve!!

10:39:09 [T.M.O] Only just - what a hangover

10:39:13 [Henry] Wow now there's an idea

10:39:26 [F.A.] I'm not surprised from what I heard...

10:39:37 [F.A.] what was that about audio chat?

10:39:38 [T.M.O] What have your heard missus..

10:39:42 [F.A.] could get noisy ;)

10:39:56 [shedevil] Happy Xmas Eve IceAngel

10:40:06 [shedevil] Did everyone hear who Jenny pulled? te he

10:40:15 [T.M.O] WHO?

10:40:18 [F.A.] TMO ~ something about 'The Exorcist'

10:40:19 [Henry] Give us some tid bits TMO about last night

10:40:22 [shedevil] it's far more interesting than hearing about TMO throwing up in a ball gown!

10:40:28 [F.A.] Who did Jenny pull?

10:40:37 [Henry] or even the night before

10:40:38 [F.A.] ade?

10:40:44 [T.M.O] I only threw up once in the toilets didnt I??

10:40:46 [F.A.] Jon?

10:41:39 [shedevil] Twice in the toilets at the store - at least 5 times in the sinks TMO.

10:41:54 [T.M.O] Exorcist??? What the F

10:42:32 [shedevil] Jenny stayed in the pub with the barman from the Store on Sunday - His name is Robert - tall, floppy brown hair

10:42:38 [F.A.] I don't think this pc likes me being on chat :(

10:42:47 [shedevil] apparently she didn't sleep much sunday night - te he

10:42:48 [F.A.] NOOOOOOO!!!!!

10:42:59 [T.M.O] Ohh Im shocked!

10:43:03 [shedevil] sorry Jen when you read this!! te he

10:43:08 [F.A.] not the one that's always hitting on peeps?

10:43:27 [shedevil] erm yes.....he's tried Lizzlie before now!!

10:43:35 [F.A.] let's hope he's a nice chap and Jenny doesn't deserve any messing

10:43:38 [IceAngel] gosh!! too shocking at this time in the morning

10:43:58 [shedevil] If he messes with Jenny - he messes with me....

10:44:01 [shedevil] te he

10:44:08 [F.A.] I feel like crying ~ them cheeky girls are playing on the tv and I can't find the remote...

10:44:23 [T.M.O] "touch my bum"

10:44:39 [T.M.O] Ive just remembered something........

10:44:42 [F.A.] if he messes with Jenny ~ he'll have ALL of us to deal with...

10:45:02 [F.A.] *F.A. touches TMO's bum*

10:45:06 [shedevil] ha ha - he seems harmless enough.

10:45:24 [shedevil] *pinches TMO's bum*

10:45:25 [F.A.] What've you remembered TMO?

10:45:26 [T.M.O] *TMO rather quite likes it*

10:45:41 [T.M.O] Nothing, honest

10:45:42 [F.A.] Can we all feel Henry's bum now? ;)

10:45:48 [T.M.O] HEnry?

10:46:17 [Henry] Sure .. here

10:46:29 [shedevil] yes please!!

10:46:30 [F.A.] *F.A. feels Henry's bum*

10:46:31 [T.M.O] Plenty to go round girls

10:46:37 [F.A.] Corrrrr

10:46:50 [F.A.] That's very firm! Do you work out ;)

10:46:50 [T.M.O] S'quite pert..

10:47:01 [T.M.O] Venice beach

10:47:08 [IceAngel] need coffee before I can cope with this debauchery!!

10:47:12 [Henry] Thank you very very much!!

10:47:21 [IceAngel] Merry christmas everyone :)

10:47:29 [T.M.O] You too!!

10:47:33 [Henry] Lots of swimming

10:47:33 [F.A.] some of us have been up for hours...despite not having to be...

10:47:34 [shedevil] it is a bit early - TMO you do realise you'reunder the mistletoe over there don't you!!

10:47:46 [F.A.] oh ~ bye IceAngel

10:47:57 [F.A.] *F.A. runs over to TMO and snogs her*

10:48:03 [T.M.O] *sidles over to it a bit more* Am I?????

10:49:26 [F.A.] I'm getting very excited about Christmas pressies

10:49:38 [T.M.O] What yer getting?

10:49:43 [F.A.] There's loads under the tree...and some even have 'To F.A.' on!

10:49:52 [F.A.] Spiderman on DVD

10:49:54 [shedevil] me too!!

10:49:57 [F.A.] Eddie on DVD

10:50:24 [T.M.O] Rub it and if it squeaks its either leather or a mouse.

10:50:32 [F.A.] and YB has bought me the five Hitch-hikers series...not knowing that I already have them...

10:50:33 [T.M.O] *eek*

10:50:35 [F.A.] bless

10:50:52 [F.A.] I got leather chpas as my leaving present!

10:51:03 [T.M.O] chpas?

10:51:04 [F.A.] sorry...chaps

10:51:11 [T.M.O] Is that a curry?

10:51:32 [T.M.O] You are Christina Aguillera!

10:51:44 [F.A.] you know...leather trousers that don't have a crotch or butt in...like Christina Aguilera

10:51:52 [F.A.] Damn right I am!

10:52:00 [F.A.] they are soooo cool!

10:52:03 [F.A.] :)

10:52:26 [F.A.] although I'm not allowed to wear them on the bike :(

10:52:55 [T.M.O] Chaffing?

10:53:02 [F.A.] right...I've got to disappear for a while...need to pop outside in the cold...

10:53:19 [F.A.] and no chaffing...it's just a bit chilly ;)

10:53:34 [Henry] You could wear them for wrestling

10:53:42 [F.A.] BTW ~ saw LOTR Two Towers last night ~ brilliant

10:53:57 [F.A.] Henry ~ I'm wearing them at the jelly and ice cream wrestling that's in June!

10:54:01 [F.A.] ;)

10:54:34 [T.M.O] Not crochless!!

10:54:50 [F.A.] okay ~ catch you guys later? and TMO ~ no...with undies on!

10:55:12 [F.A.] byeeeeeeeeeee :D ;) :p 8) :) :D

10:55:22 [T.M.O] Ta Ra

10:55:24 [Henry] What a shame

10:55:55 [T.M.O] What about the crotchless thing? Yeah.........

10:56:38 [Henry] Tup

10:56:45 [Henry] Yup

10:56:50 [T.M.O] How dare you!!

10:56:57 [T.M.O] Oh..

10:57:32 [Henry] Why what does Tup mean?

10:58:17 [T.M.O] Errrrrrr *blush* well it might be just a Yorkshire thing......er.. it means.....to......er....

10:58:35 [T.M.O] ""thingy"

10:59:09 [Henry] Have you ever thought of writing a book

10:59:33 [Henry] You know so much about thses sort of things

10:59:51 [T.M.O] You're joking I can barely write anything of any sense on here. Dont be so rude.

11:00:16 [T.M.O] You are p**ssed arent you? Haa

11:00:20 [Henry] Not being rude

11:00:31 [Henry] noy pissed

11:00:34 [T.M.O] Why not?

11:00:37 [Henry] Not

11:00:45 [Henry] OK what does Noy mean

11:01:06 [T.M.O] Australian for no.

11:01:08 [Henry] I can't be bothered getting pissed - it's too late here

11:01:29 [Henry] Noy - very good HaHa

11:01:48 [T.M.O] Its the way I tell 'em.

11:02:01 [Henry] Don't you hate that sound they make - Noy?

11:02:32 [T.M.O] Shhhhh.....dont say that to Michelle!!

11:02:34 [Henry] I better be careful

11:02:53 [Henry] But we don't noy if she says it like that

11:03:16 [T.M.O] Is there a Mrs Henry wondering where you are??

11:03:38 [Henry] Noy

11:03:59 [Henry] Two ex Mrs H's who don't even wonder any more

11:04:13 [T.M.O] Haahhaaaaaaa

11:05:50 [shedevil] third time lucky? te he

11:07:09 [Henry] Noy I don't think so

11:08:21 [T.M.O] So are you on the lookout for a lovely lady then?

11:08:46 [Henry] Yes I guess so

11:09:12 [Henry] But that official bit of paper seems to put the kybosh on it

11:09:41 [Henry] so I do it paperless now

11:09:59 [T.M.O] Lucky you

11:10:04 [T.M.O] How old are you?

11:10:41 [Henry] 55

11:10:47 [shedevil] and do you have kids?

11:11:01 [T.M.O] You have a son dont you?

11:11:06 [Henry] But not failing in any way noy noy noy

11:11:28 [Henry] Yes Ben is 26 and living in London

11:11:29 [T.M.O] What do you look like??? Te he

11:12:09 [shedevil] what does Ben look like!!!!! ha ha ha

11:12:15 [Henry] Youve seen me in the Abra

11:12:29 [T.M.O] Nah, older men are the best.

11:12:49 [T.M.O] Was that really you?

11:12:52 [shedevil] i agree TMO

11:13:34 [Henry] Ben used to go to the CSP but I don't think he has benn down there for a couple of years

11:14:00 [Henry] Yes it was me - I have aged quite gracefully

11:14:35 [T.M.O] Didnt look 55. Long hair still?

11:14:51 [shedevil] shall i leave you two alone? *wink*

11:15:06 [Henry] I met up with an old friend over from London the other day and he was furious that haven't got much grey

11:15:16 [Henry] And still long hair yes

11:15:26 [T.M.O] *strokes chin*

11:16:29 [Henry] However

11:16:52 [Henry] Someone stopped their car by me the other day

11:17:04 [Henry] when I was returning from a walk on the beach

11:17:15 [Henry] And asked me if I was hungry

11:17:22 [Henry] I was flumoxed

11:17:43 [Henry] but when they offered me some take out food

11:17:56 [Henry] that they had bought for themselves

11:18:08 [Henry] I reckoned they though I was homeless

11:18:39 [Henry] The long hair plus scruffy beard because i coan't always be bothered shaving

11:19:05 [Henry] on an "older" gent I guess isn't always the best image

11:19:16 [Henry] Although it can get you free food

11:19:41 [Henry] Noy I didn't accept it

11:20:04 [T.M.O] Hey, its always good to look different and speaking personally, long hair always catches my attention. I wouldve still took the food and run though.

11:20:06 [shedevil] ha ha ha - that's funny!

11:20:30 [T.M.O] IIm going to patent my new word - noy. Hands off!

11:21:21 [Henry] Can I have royalty free usage as i am good at putiing it about?

11:21:57 [T.M.O] So Ive heard...

11:22:03 [Henry] All you have to say is Noy or Tup

11:22:26 [T.M.O] You cant say Tup!!

11:22:49 [Henry] Why Noyt

11:23:09 [T.M.O] Its rude

11:24:19 [shedevil] why is tup rude?

11:24:26 [Henry] I just looked up Noy in google

11:24:32 [Henry] NOY: a language of Chad

11:24:51 [T.M.O] There you go!!!! Not Austrialian for No then...

11:24:57 [T.M.O] African

11:25:09 [T.M.O] Look up tup

11:26:14 [Henry] Tup = Tupikov, NM Slovar' drevne-russkikh lichnykh sobstvennykh imen

11:26:39 [T.M.O] Ive got it!!!!

11:27:05 [T.M.O] Tupping: copulation of a ram with a ewe.

11:27:29 [T.M.O] Who says its not educational on here!

11:27:31 [Henry] in Russia?

11:27:56 [T.M.O] No, its not regional

11:27:59 [Henry] I still prefer No in Australian

11:28:06 [Henry] for Noy

11:28:29 [Henry] You are brilliant to get that

11:28:52 [T.M.O] Iam rather brilliant arent I???

11:29:13 [Henry] Tup

11:29:16 [T.M.O] What else shall I look up in my dictionary, its a good one.

11:29:39 [Henry] jdfjdsgfjsd

11:30:03 [shedevil] no try - jhsauifhalundbhefrkwhd

11:30:14 [shedevil] gotta nip off - be back later!

11:30:15 [T.M.O] Incidently Tup is on the same page as tuppence

11:30:19 [shedevil] merry Christmas!!

11:30:22 [T.M.O] Which means TWO PENCE

11:30:38 [T.M.O] Bye Shedev

11:30:40 [Henry] Oh tuppence - i remeber it well

11:30:58 [T.M.O] hhhaaaaaaa

11:31:17 [Henry] I got a farthing in my change

11:31:24 [Henry] her the other day

11:31:35 [Henry] pretending to be a cent

11:31:45 [Henry] Worth a lot motre than a cent

11:31:48 [T.M.O] Ah bless.....

11:32:14 [Henry] look up motre

11:32:19 [T.M.O] A pompous of self important person is a turkeycock, apparently...

11:32:45 [Henry] I always avoid that part at Xmas

11:33:25 [Henry] Did you know that the animal with the largest Tup in relation to it's body

11:33:35 [Henry] is the ...

11:33:40 [Henry] Bat

11:33:47 [Henry] Pink sperm too

11:34:13 [T.M.O] Is this from experience?

11:34:27 [T.M.O] Cant fin motre Im afraid.

11:34:31 [Henry] Noy rae you bats?

11:34:47 [Henry] rae = are

11:34:55 [Henry] look up rae

11:35:01 [T.M.O] Are you African?

11:35:49 [Henry] Knowing that the evil of Rufina de Motre must end. ...

11:36:16 [Henry] Why - because I am talking Chad

11:36:34 [T.M.O] Just a sec on phone

11:37:18 [Henry] On the Fringe - Rae Rae go bloggy bloggy @ 4:07 AM

11:38:26 [Henry] Noy - talking Chad would make me Floridian

11:38:30 [T.M.O] Rae not in. Are you giving me proper words?

11:38:40 [Henry] Electorially speaking

11:38:56 [Henry] No just my mistypes

11:39:13 [Henry] But I am quoting from Google

11:39:47 [T.M.O] Ive found a word that describes you

11:39:49 [Henry] as i discover the deeper meaning of life and mistypes

11:39:56 [Henry] What

11:39:58 [T.M.O] Ragamuffin

11:40:30 [Henry] What knid of muffin - choc chip yum?

11:40:45 [Henry] knid= kind

11:41:16 [T.M.O] Ragamuffin's get given free food, not sure at this stage if it includes muffins.

11:41:21 [Henry] the vermicious knid is a band - google

11:41:44 [Henry] But only when they are on the ...

11:41:49 [Henry] whoops

11:42:34 [Henry] The education just keeps on coming doesn't it?

11:43:05 [Henry] At what stage will you know

11:43:17 [Henry] about the Ragamuffin and muffins

11:43:36 [Henry] I won't be a Ragamuffin with out muffins

11:43:41 [Henry] Noy Noy Noy

11:44:56 [Henry] View North American Ragamuffin Breeder List - google

11:45:10 [Henry] Well I don't mind being a breeder..

11:45:33 [T.M.O] You realise when people read this back at the end they are gonna think its all just a load of arse.

11:46:38 [Henry] Well it is

11:46:59 [T.M.O] Shall I look up arse?

11:47:33 [Henry] arseonline.com

11:47:46 [T.M.O] "the buttocks"

11:47:54 [Henry] Would you believe it is jsut about the Arsenal football team

11:48:08 [T.M.O] "play the fool"

11:48:32 [T.M.O] arse licker = sycophant

11:48:39 [Henry] However - Arse.com that's the website for the Anal Research Society of England

11:48:53 [T.M.O] Wow

11:49:01 [Henry] What knid of research is that??!!

11:49:18 [T.M.O] Imagine telling that to people at a dinner party

11:49:27 [T.M.O] Breaks the ice though...

11:49:45 [Henry] Here at ARSE we are dedicated, if not fanatical about exposing all that is ARSE in the world.

11:49:52 [Henry] - google

11:50:09 [T.M.O] People are wondering why Im laughing.......

11:50:19 [T.M.O] Classic that Henry.

11:50:32 [T.M.O] I never wanna grow up...

11:50:36 [Henry] Poem on the Arse.com site

11:50:47 [Henry] fab site

11:50:56 [Henry] its so good

11:51:24 [Henry] i wish i could fully appreciate it

11:51:33 [Henry] because you see i have no arse of my own

11:51:41 [Henry] Welcom Jim!!!!

11:51:41 [T.M.O] Hi Jim thank god youve arrived

11:51:46 [Henry] Good timimg

11:51:57 [T.M.O] Henrys on drugs

11:52:13 [Jimplayers] Morning. Just got up.

11:52:25 [Jimplayers] Drugs??????

11:52:35 [Jimplayers] Where?

11:52:43 [T.M.O] You just have to read what weve been talking about.

11:52:48 [Henry] NWOR offers complete master timing sets - google

11:53:15 [T.M.O] Hes MAAAAAAD I tell you........

11:53:22 [Henry] that should be timimg

11:53:29 [Jimplayers] Ready for the big day?

11:53:54 [T.M.O] Prezzies!!!

11:54:23 [Jimplayers] How about you Henry?

11:54:33 [Henry] Tup I'm ready - Noy problem

11:54:42 [T.M.O] Oh god.....

11:55:13 [Henry] I think I'm stuck in arse.com hell

11:55:28 [T.M.O] Not a bad place to me stuck really...

11:55:33 [Jimplayers] I think it's going to be champagne all day here.

11:55:47 [T.M.O] Lucky bugger

11:55:48 [Henry] Yummy

11:56:18 [Jimplayers] .but first breakfast.

11:56:26 [Henry] What's your fave champers cocktail?

11:56:32 [T.M.O] Get us some.

11:56:39 [T.M.O] Bellini

11:56:57 [Henry] What in it?

11:57:38 [Henry] I once had Champers with breakfast - missed the rest of the day

11:57:43 [T.M.O] Champagne and something else. oops. Had them when we flew club class to Cuba. Drunk on planes, who've thought.

11:57:58 [Jimplayers] Difficult to beat the old brandy, sugar and champagne mix

11:58:26 [T.M.O] Esound horrid

11:58:43 [T.M.O] TThats my Mexican accent obviously

11:58:52 [Henry] What's that called Jim

11:59:32 [Henry] ... Bellini. 3/4 Chilled Champagne, 1/4 Fresh Peach Puree, Nectar or Peach Schnapps

11:59:34 [Jimplayers] No idea. But it's lovely.

11:59:38 [Henry] - google

11:59:45 [Henry] Thats sounds good

11:59:49 [T.M.O] Thats the bugger Henry

12:00:08 [Henry] I have a lot of those over the years

12:00:29 [Henry] There the best with fresh peach juice

12:00:47 [Jimplayers] Wel...........cranberry juice is calling. See you later.

12:01:04 [T.M.O] Byesy

12:02:53 [Henry] Champagne, Sugar, Tequila is a bjork - google

12:03:08 [Henry] But I casn't find the brandy one

12:05:12 [Henry] Apricot Brandy, Blackberry Liqueur, Champagne, Celery Salt, Beef Bouillon

12:05:36 [Henry] is called - Herbert Not Hebert

12:05:50 [Henry] Wierd or what

12:06:39 [Henry] All that from http://www.thevirtualbar.com/Ingredients/Champagne.html

12:06:50 [T.M.O] I could do with that for Abra

12:07:54 [Henry] It's now the middle of the night so I should go

12:08:07 [Henry] although it's been fun TMO

12:08:18 [T.M.O] OK Chuckie

12:08:30 [T.M.O] We should do this more often, me and you.

12:08:57 [Henry] Bienvenue sur le site de TMO - google

12:09:02 [T.M.O] And at least you can tell people what tupping is.

12:09:19 [T.M.O] Have a good one!

12:09:28 [Henry] http://www.tmo.fr/

12:09:51 [Henry] Thanks - and you Bye

12:10:50 [T.M.O] *shakes head* what was all that about then?

12:38:23 [T.M.O] Twas the night before Christmas

12:38:38 [T.M.O] And all around the house

12:38:51 [T.M.O] Nowt stirred, not even a mouse..

12:38:58 [T.M.O] *huff*


12:39:30 [T.M.O] I came over all Noddy Holder then..

12:39:36 [T.M.O] *looks at watch*

12:39:56 [T.M.O] God Im bored....let me go home

13:10:16 [shedevil] A HUGE merry christmas to you all!!! I'm off home now - back for New year!!!

14:46:02 [meriel] Happy holidays to everyone!

15:07:42 [Jimplayers] Very quiet here. I will try to pop in before it a;ll kicks off at midnight

17:26:50 [Michelle] hello ade

17:30:37 [Michelle] hi

17:30:48 [.ade] hi

17:31:20 [Michelle] hello

17:31:23 [.ade] bye, have a good xmas everyone

17:31:25 [Cindy] Ho Ho Ho Michelle and ade!

17:31:40 [Cindy] bye ade A merry merry to ya!

17:31:45 [Michelle] :)

17:31:58 [Michelle] you too ade, bye

17:32:38 [Cindy] How's it going Michelle?

17:35:05 [Cindy] well just stopped in to see who's about..I'll pop back a bit later..Hippo Hollidays to all!!

17:55:44 [Michelle.] hi

17:56:01 [T.M.O.] Hi Michelle how tricks?

17:56:16 [Michelle.] tricks are good

17:56:20 [Michelle.] :)

17:56:26 [Michelle.] how are you?

17:56:53 [T.M.O.] Not bad, just thought Id pop in before I go to the pub.

17:57:27 [Michelle.] yeah, i should probably go soon too otherwise i'll meet up with santa

17:58:22 [T.M.O.] Hey lucky devil!

17:58:35 [Michelle.] heh heh

17:59:16 [Michelle.] are you going to the pub with any of the other CSR?

17:59:52 [T.M.O.] No, Im back at home in Leeds now, going out with Mr TMO

18:00:19 [Michelle.] righty :)

18:01:19 [Michelle.] have you ever heard of a chappy named Guido Hatzis? (or rather his CD's)

18:01:50 [T.M.O.] Thats a new one on me!

18:02:08 [T.M.O.] What sort of music is it?

18:02:11 [T.M.O.] Hi Jim

18:02:20 [Michelle.] yeah i thought so i was just seeing how famous he was

18:02:27 [Michelle.] Hello Jim

18:02:38 [Jimplayers] Hello there

18:02:49 [Michelle.] it's not music he makes prank phone calls and things of that sort

18:03:12 [T.M.O.] I see Richard popped in for a sec

18:03:36 [Michelle.] yeah, i just missed him, was looking at something else

18:03:47 [T.M.O.] How was the champagne Jim?

18:03:54 [Jimplayers] Has it been busy?

18:04:05 [Jimplayers] Fab

18:04:06 [T.M.O.] Not at all.

18:04:52 [Michelle.] a lot less than yesterday

18:04:56 [Jimplayers] What's happening with youtwo and cHRISTMAS?

18:05:12 [Jimplayers] Oops

18:05:26 [T.M.O.] Just about to go to pub, then off to parents for Chrimble. New Year is EDINBURGH!!!!!

18:05:48 [Michelle.] not much, lunch then maybe a swim in the afternoon if the heat gets too un-bearable

18:05:55 [Jimplayers] Michelle?

18:06:10 [Jimplayers] Mis timed

18:06:17 [T.M.O.] Heat???? Whats all that about?

18:06:39 [Jimplayers] How hot?

18:06:46 [Michelle.] hahaha, ah yes English weather, i remember

18:07:03 [Michelle.] about 40 degrees celcius

18:07:59 [Jimplayers] Too hot for me.

18:08:29 [T.M.O.] Put some colour in yer cheeks..

18:08:47 [Jimplayers] Red.

18:08:50 [Michelle.] not too much colour hopefully, my cousin spent christmas over here and got blisters from the sun burn because he was so white before he came

18:08:52 [T.M.O.] Or as Peter Kay would say..

18:08:58 [Jimplayers] I burn

18:09:08 [T.M.O.] Have a Solero and shut the fu@@k up!

18:09:39 [T.M.O.] too many @'s there

18:09:40 [Michelle.] hmm roasted Jim?? nah i think i'll stick to the salad

18:10:06 [T.M.O.] I'll have the roast please........

18:10:29 [Michelle.] heh heh heh

18:10:55 [Jimplayers] Ah well. OK. Gotta go. Maybe later.......

18:11:18 [T.M.O.] Me too, got to put me glad rags on..

18:11:21 [Jimplayers] Bye

18:11:29 [T.M.O.] See you both later.

18:11:42 [Michelle.] bye Jim, have a good christmas

18:11:49 [Michelle.] oops too late

18:12:07 [Michelle.] Merry Xmas T.M.O

18:12:30 [Michelle.] hi

18:13:17 [Cindy] Opps looks like I missed some folks...lol..hi again michelle

18:13:50 [Michelle.] :)

18:14:28 [Cindy] so have I missed anything good?

18:14:50 [Michelle.] mmm just general chit chat

18:15:03 [Michelle.] a cooked jim, that kind of thing?

18:15:06 [Cindy] Oh ok...lol

18:15:40 [Cindy] yeah saw the tale end of that one....what's that all about?

18:16:28 [Michelle.] Jim asked what we were doing for christmas and i mentioned going for a swim because of the heat

18:16:57 [Michelle.] and Jim said he burns

18:17:53 [Cindy] oh I see..bless him....so I take it you live somewhere warm then?

18:18:05 [Michelle.] yeah, Australa

18:18:17 [Michelle.] oops, early morning can't type proper

18:18:31 [Michelle.] Australia

18:18:43 [Michelle.] are you in London?

18:18:52 [Cindy] ahhhh same as someone else who posts on the Wall occassionally

18:19:18 [Cindy] nah live in the states...hoping to live in London someday

18:19:30 [Michelle.] hahaha same here

18:19:38 [Michelle.] for a little while anyway

18:20:01 [Cindy] have you been there before?

18:20:09 [Michelle.] yeah

18:20:30 [Michelle.] my whole family is in England so i'v been a couple of times, usually for a few months

18:20:40 [Cindy] me too I love it there!! I hope to make it permanent someday!!

18:20:45 [Michelle.] 'tis fun in England :)

18:20:58 [Cindy] oh really!! where in Englad to they live?

18:21:11 [Michelle.] i would like to go live there for a few years after univirsity

18:21:30 [Michelle.] Widnes (next to Liverpool)

18:21:49 [Cindy] Oh wow! I'm going to Liverpool in feb!!!

18:22:01 [Michelle.] cool

18:22:46 [Michelle.] there will probably be some Beatle things (concerts and such) going on (if your in to that sort of thing) 'cos febuary is George's birthday

18:22:49 [Cindy] that would be great if you could go over after univ

18:23:27 [Michelle.] tut, i know all the Beatle's birthdays but i dont know any of my friends's

18:23:39 [Michelle.] yeah i would also like to visit Ireland

18:23:39 [Cindy] Great..I'll just be there for a few days to attend a movie gala

18:23:46 [Cindy] LOL

18:24:13 [Cindy] yes I would love to go to Ireland too!

18:24:14 [Michelle.] what's the movie gala for?

18:24:56 [Cindy] a film called Revenger's Tragedy..was spose to have been back in Spet but got postponed and rescheduled

18:24:58 [Michelle.] mind you you'd have to plan Ireland carefully, of where you go...sorry i'v just been doing an assignment on the war in Ireland.

18:25:14 [Michelle.] ah

18:25:22 [Cindy] oh I know

18:26:05 [Cindy] it's a film by Alex Cox with Derek Jacobi and Eddie Izzard among others

18:26:33 [Michelle.] cool, will Eddie Izzard be attending the gala aswell?

18:26:59 [Cindy] Well he hops to be able too..may have a schedule conflict

18:27:25 [Cindy] bit I think he'll be there IF he can

18:27:54 [Michelle.] hopefully he can

18:28:09 [Cindy] Yeah would be fun!!

18:28:28 [Michelle.] so how come you are going to the gala? just for personal enjoyment or as part of work or something?

18:30:26 [Cindy] Well I'm a big fan of Alex, Derek and Eddie and some freinds thought I should come over for it...I ended up making e-mail contact with one of the producers who is marreid to Alex and shes has been soo sweet ..soo I just have to go now! LOL

18:30:54 [Michelle.] well done :)

18:31:12 [Michelle.] sounds like it'll be lots of fun

18:32:00 [Cindy] and to add to the fun..the Players are on tour that wekend up in the Lake District so the day after the gala someof us are going up to Kendal to see Jim and Andy etc...!! So THAT will be cool!!

18:32:38 [Michelle.] wow that timing worked out perfectly

18:32:48 [Cindy] Soo nice to have something like that to look forward too!!

18:32:55 [Cindy] Yes!!!

18:33:03 [Michelle.] wish they'd come down here

18:33:28 [Michelle.] mind you we did get Lee at the start of this year :)

18:34:16 [Cindy] Well there ya go...cool!!...yes would be nice..I'd love for them to tour here as well!

18:34:50 [Michelle.] would be good to get a world tour going heh heh

18:35:11 [Cindy] Maybe one day...have you been to the Comedy Store in London?

18:35:30 [Michelle.] and if they went to the States they could have the american guests too

18:35:37 [Michelle.] no unfortunatley

18:35:53 [Michelle.] wouldn't of got in even if i had gone

18:36:03 [Cindy] yep althogh I wouldn't mind if they kept it just the Brits...lol

18:36:16 [Cindy] ohh not of age yet?

18:36:23 [Michelle.] damn underag-ed-ness

18:36:51 [Cindy] well POO!! well you'll be old enough soon I'm sure!!

18:37:09 [Michelle.] three more years, mind you i dont think i'll be leaving the country any time soon

18:37:32 [Cindy] Oh Ok...well something to shoot for then

18:37:42 [Michelle.] :) yeah

18:38:31 [Cindy] well I must be off to do somelast minute prep work..been great chatting with you Michelle...Merry Christams to ya! Take care

18:38:39 [Michelle.] *It's been christmas for an hour and a half...i just realised*

18:38:57 [Cindy] LOL I figured as much!!

18:39:29 [Michelle.] he he he

18:39:32 [Cindy] Enjoy and Ho Ho Ho!!

18:39:50 [Michelle.] ok talk to you later

18:39:57 [Michelle.] merry christmas

18:40:22 [Cindy] Merry Christmas to you too hun! byeeee

18:40:40 [Michelle.] bye :)

20:25:49 [Luce] Nobody here again! Happy Christmas whoever come in next, I'll be drinking the eggnog underneath the bar!

20:27:29 [vickie2] i will be there next Luce...

22:20:18 [Mirkat] Hello all! I hope everyone is having a great Christmas!

22:22:21 [Mirkat] I'm going over to my roommate's grandmother's, hopefully to kick some butt at trivia.

22:22:57 [Mirkat] Hello there

22:23:14 [si] hello mirkat

22:23:43 [Mirkat] How is your holiday going?

22:24:40 [si] My holiday is going fine, looking forward to going back to London soon, yours?

22:25:39 [Mirkat] It's been good so far. Getting together with family and a few friends over the last couple of days.

22:26:14 [si] Same with me, do you get to the store often?

22:27:14 [Mirkat] I want to go, but I'm sort of trapped here at the current time, lack of funds..;-(

22:28:04 [Mirkat] Oh well, maybe I'll win the Powerball...lol

22:29:09 [si] Yes I can see why that would cause a minor problem. What is the Powerball, some sort of lottery?

22:29:31 [Mirkat] Yeah, it's currently up to 300 mil.

22:31:07 [si] 300 mil of what currency (as it depends if it would be a good win or a very good win)

22:31:27 [Mirkat] Dollars.

22:32:46 [si] Oh only a small amount it would hardly keep anyone going for a couple of hundred years!

22:33:19 [Mirkat] lol... where are you at? I'm in Indiana.

22:35:00 [Mirkat] Hello Jim.

22:35:03 [si] London, UK

22:35:29 [Jimplayers] Hi. How are you?

22:35:29 [si] Hi Jim

22:35:42 [Mirkat] I'd love to live over there.

22:35:47 [Jimplayers] Hi. Who are you!?

22:36:10 [Mirkat] I'm doing pretty good. Enjoying the holidays.

22:36:38 [Jimplayers] ...and si?

22:37:13 [si] I read the wall a fair bit but haven't as yet posted. I am good, yourself?

22:37:41 [Cindy] Hi all!!!

22:37:43 [Mirkat] Hello Cindy.

22:37:59 [Jimplayers] Hi Cindy

22:38:27 [Cindy] Hey mirkat!! Hi Jim!!! How is everyone?

22:38:34 [si] Hello Cindy

22:38:47 [Cindy] Hey si!!

22:38:55 [Mirkat] I'm doing good, how about you? ;-)

22:39:11 [Jimplayers] si - I'm good. Still sober.

22:39:34 [Cindy] doing good here too Mirkat...just wanted to pop in beforw I head our to dinner with the family

22:40:03 [Mirkat] Later on tonight, I will probably imbibe of the necessary evil that is alcohol.

22:40:09 [Cindy] what No Saturnalia spirts today Jim?

22:40:28 [Cindy] I'll drink to that!! mirkat!

22:40:48 [Jimplayers] Yes.......just pacing myself.

22:40:51 [Mirkat] ;-D

22:41:16 [Cindy] Oh ok..had me worried there for a minute Jim!

22:41:41 [Jimplayers] What are people doing tomorrow?

22:41:43 [Mirkat] Yes, not good to overindulge too soon, and have the holiday go by in a blur.

22:42:20 [Cindy] This is true..

22:43:07 [si] Sorry got to leave now, which is a pity as it was good. Merry Xmas everyone and have a few drinks on my behalf, bye

22:43:21 [Cindy] well we're expecting a snow storm here tonight.so luckily I'll just be going around the corner to my brothers house..how about you Jim?

22:43:26 [Mirkat] Bye Si! Have a good holiday!

22:43:43 [Jimplayers] Have a goos one.

22:43:45 [Mirkat] Yeah, we are supposed to be getting a storm here, as well.

22:43:55 [Cindy] Bye Si!!! Have a merry one!

22:44:15 [Cindy] where ya at Mirkat?

22:44:18 [Mirkat] They are saying perhaps up to 6 inches of snow by tomorrow.

22:44:27 [Jimplayers] Tomorrow? Me? TV and alcohol.

22:44:40 [Mirkat] Indiana.

22:44:48 [Jimplayers] Snow? How brilliant.

22:45:03 [Cindy] Cool what ya gonna watch Jim?

22:45:11 [Mirkat] Now, that sounds like a good holiday, Jim. ;-)

22:45:32 [Cindy] Looks like the same storm Mirkat..I'm in PA

22:45:37 [Jimplayers] Anything on my new DVD player.

22:45:56 [Cindy] yeah Jim beam yourself over here..we're expecting about 6-8 inches!!

22:46:09 [Cindy] ahhh good plan Jim!!

22:46:09 [Jimplayers] Hi Bo.

22:46:18 [Cindy] hey Bo!!

22:46:20 [bo] Hello Jim and wallers

22:46:34 [bo] Happy Holidays to you all

22:46:38 [Cindy] Gott get me a DVD player one of these days!!

22:46:38 [Mirkat] They are unsure of how much we'll actually get up here, might be more, might be less. It's already coming down in Indy...

22:46:50 [Cindy] cool!!

22:46:54 [Mirkat] Hello Bo.

22:47:08 [Jimplayers] Snowing near you, Bo?

22:47:28 [bo] No, Tennessee is just having some cold rain

22:47:48 [Mirkat] *dreams of Jim Beam* yum.

22:47:49 [Jimplayers] Here too....

22:48:06 [Cindy] well I've got to get a move on!!! Happy Holidays to all!! Have a good one!! HUGS to all!!

22:48:21 [bo] we have only had a white Christmas once in my lifetime i think

22:48:31 [Mirkat] Bye Cindy! Happy Holidays!

22:48:32 [bo] Happy holidays Cindy

22:48:41 [Cindy] FALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22:48:44 [Jimplayers] Have fun, Cindy. See you soon.

22:48:45 [F.A.] Hi folks

22:48:49 [F.A.] appy christmas!!!

22:48:52 [Cindy] I almost missed ya hun!!!

22:48:58 [F.A.] Cindy ~ just caught you!

22:49:01 [Mirkat] Hey Fallen!

22:49:03 [F.A.] :)

22:49:08 [bo] happy Christmas to you too FA

22:49:13 [F.A.] Hey Mirkat!

22:49:16 [Cindy] How ya feelin hun?

22:49:22 [F.A.] Bo...my lovely little Bo!

22:49:32 [F.A.] I'm feeling rather merry thanks Cindy...

22:49:46 [F.A.] Cooked dinner for YB, his flatmate and my mate Tazzie

22:49:59 [Mirkat] I just got an invite to the bar, I think I shall go shortly. ;-)

22:50:00 [F.A.] and have had champers and red wine...being back on alcohol is fun :)

22:50:02 [Cindy] YAY good to hear it hun...OK really gotta run now..so glad I caught you FA..OK bye all enjoy!!!!

22:50:14 [F.A.] Hi Jiiiiiiiim

22:50:16 [Cindy] Yes Jim see ya oon!!!

22:50:32 [bo] haha - hey FA - my mother says hello as well

22:50:33 [F.A.] Catch you later Cindy ~ take care and hope to see you in the new year ;)

22:50:37 [Mirkat] ;-D

22:50:51 [Cindy] Me too hun....HUGS!!!

22:50:53 [Jimplayers] Good evening, FA.. Thiungs good?

22:50:53 [F.A.] ooo, say hello to your mum for me Bo

22:51:18 [F.A.] Things are great Jim ~ how's you doin?

22:51:59 [Jimplayers] Fine. Therre's a chilled bottle of Chablis calling.....

22:51:59 [F.A.] Yummy Bloke and Tazzie (wrestling partner in crime) say hello and happy christmas as well

22:52:03 [Mirkat] Well, I think I'll get out of here, before the bar runs out of liquor. Merry Christmas all!

22:52:21 [F.A.] ooo...not chablis Jim? Want some of my champers?

22:52:37 [bo] merry christmas, and have some of that good ol' Tennessee whiskey!

22:52:44 [Jimplayers] Bye Mirkat. Have a good one.....

22:52:47 [Mirkat] You bet!

22:53:00 [F.A.] have a great time Mirkat

22:53:07 [Mirkat] Bye all! Happy Holidays!

22:53:24 [Mirkat] blasts off at the speed of light!

22:53:52 [Jimplayers] .had champagne. Moving on to expensive Chablis.

22:54:07 [F.A.] ooo...get you Jim ;)

22:54:18 [F.A.] we've moved from champers to red wine...

22:54:27 [F.A.] will be getting out the baileys soon...

22:54:32 [bo] my family has a bottle of riesling in the fridge right now getting ready for Christmas eve dinner

22:54:51 [bo] no champagne this year

22:55:18 [Jimplayers] Have a good one, Bo. Gotta go. Might see you all later...

22:55:39 [bo] thanks Jim, Happy Holidays

22:55:53 [F.A.] Later Jim

22:55:59 [F.A.] Have a great one

22:56:15 [bo] so, FA how have you been?

22:57:06 [F.A.] I'm doing fine Bo ~ what you up to? How's you lovely lady?

22:57:28 [bo] she is away from me this Christmas :( but I will call her tonight

22:58:22 [bo] but i am visiting family and friends all this week and taking holiday from work outside of Nashville

22:58:26 [F.A.] bummer!

22:58:37 [F.A.] I get to spend Christmas with my baby :)

22:58:45 [F.A.] will you see her for new year?

22:58:59 [bo] oh yeah!! :)

22:59:20 [bo] already have the wine and champ ready to go

22:59:49 [bo] is it midnight there now or just now 11?

23:01:14 [F.A.] just gone 2200...only two hours left ;)

23:01:45 [bo] oh sure, you are 6 hours ahead - getting my time mixed up!

23:02:14 [F.A.] not to worry

23:02:43 [F.A.] not going to be around for long I'm afraid...YB has given me my anniversary present early...Spiderman on dvd :)

23:02:57 [F.A.] and we all want to watch it (drunk as we are ;) )

23:03:04 [bo] awesome - i need to run as well - so Merry CHristmas and keep in touch

23:03:22 [bo] (I will be getting tanked with the fam shortly, I hope!)

23:04:22 [F.A.] Happy Christmas ~ give my love to your family ~ especially your Mum!

23:04:34 [bo] will do - bye FA

23:04:36 [F.A.] Hope to see you next year ~ otherwise I may have to come visit you!!!

23:04:51 [F.A.] :o ;) :p :D

23:05:04 [bo] haha - anytime - there are two of us in nashville!

23:05:24 [bo] and who knows, maybe london is calling again - Merry Christmas!

23:06:05 [F.A.] cool ~ am taking another US holiday next year...maybe I can do a tour! :D

23:06:17 [F.A.] have a great time...see you on the Wall and over email

23:06:41 [F.A.] Okay ~ anyone else who will be here later ~ have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year

23:07:31 [F.A.] EFC ~ if you read this...I've been told I have a parcel from you at home...so thank you and I will see it in the new year ~ trust you are having a great one with AJ and your folks...miss you all

23:07:53 [F.A.] Henry ~ thanks again for this ~ great fun...shame I couldn't have got on for longer :( :D :D :D

23:08:15 [F.A.] Jim/Andy ~ have a fabulous time...see you at the Store before I go to Seville (hopefully!)

23:08:26 [F.A.] All the others ~ catch you in the New Year

23:08:49 [F.A.] *F.A. starts singing whilst drinking her six glass of red wine...*

23:09:15 [F.A.] *Oh I wish it could be Christmas.....ev-ry daaaaa-aaaayyy...*

--------- The messages that have been sent today start above ---------

00:20:10 [Lizzlie] The clocks wrong on this! Hello everyone!

00:28:21 [Lizzlie] Oh bugger, everyone's gone!! Well if anyone comes back on and reads this, Jonathan, Nightingale and Jenny all say Happy Christmas!!

00:28:34 [Lizzlie] As do I, obviously!

00:47:22 [Jimplayers] I just popped in to say have a good holiday, drink and eat much and I'll see youl on the other side of it ll.

00:49:54 [Cindy] Hey Leann!

00:52:02 [Cindy] Just wanted to pop back in before it's all over,,,Have a Merry Christmas one and all!!

00:52:20 [Jimplayers] Hi

00:52:21 [Cindy] Well hello again Jim!

00:52:39 [Jimplayers] Almost 12.00

00:52:54 [Lizzlie] Yay, people

00:53:13 [Cindy] Yes the bewitchung hour is near! Looks like the storm has started here

00:53:17 [Lizzlie] Hey Jim, recovered from sunday?

00:53:24 [Cindy] Hey Lizzlie!

00:53:45 [Jimplayers] Sunday? I was the sober one....

00:54:13 [Lizzlie] Hi Cindy, what time is it where you are?

00:54:32 [Cindy] almost 7 PM

00:54:42 [Lizzlie] Can I just say I am so jealous of Jonathan for having those tapes, Jim1

00:55:29 [Jimplayers] He has to share

00:55:36 [Lizzlie] So you've still got another 5 hours til Crimble. I want my pressies now!

00:55:59 [Lizzlie] He will or I'll tickle him and he knows it.

00:55:59 [Cindy] LOL..well already had a few Eve pressies!!

00:57:17 [Jimplayers] Lizzlie - you can have series 2....but you must share also.

00:57:49 [Cindy] ARGH!! Now I'm jealous....lol

00:58:07 [Lizzlie] Oooh, thank you Jim! You can have a big Christmas kiss for that!

00:58:30 [Jimplayers] Ta muchly.

00:58:54 [Lizzlie] Anyone got mistletoe?

00:59:15 [Cindy] here ya go Lizzlie..not usin it at the moment

00:59:43 [Cindy] On second thought..I'll take it back...Jim get over here!!

00:59:56 [Lizzlie] Thanks Cindy....c'm'ere Jim...

00:59:57 [Jimplayers] It's time..........

01:00:07 [Lizzlie] Ooh,..

01:00:11 [Jimplayers] Have a good one

01:00:32 [Cindy] You too Jim!!!!!! MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!1


01:01:20 [Jimplayers] Hope you all get nice presents

01:01:20 [Cindy] YES HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

01:01:42 [Cindy] Thanks Jim you too!

01:02:11 [Lizzlie] You too Jim.. did I read something about a DVD player earlier?

01:02:58 [Lizzlie] (Tried to change colour earlier but couldn't do it. Bit late now)

01:03:00 [Cindy] Byee all!!.. have a very merry Holiday..and thanks Henry!!!

01:03:01 [Jimplayers] It's my new toy. I may never leave the house again.

01:03:33 [Jimplayers] Bye Cindy. I must go too. Take care.

01:03:38 [Lizzlie] You better had do, we need you of a Sunday!

01:03:51 [Lizzlie] Bye Cindy, Happy Christmas!

01:03:56 [Jimplayers] Bye Lizzlie.

01:03:58 [Cindy] You too Jim have fun DVDing!! HUGS!

01:04:18 [Lizzlie] Bye Jim, Happy Christmas hun!

01:04:23 [Cindy] and you you too Lizzlie have fun with your presies!

01:04:30 [Lizzlie] AArgh!

01:05:07 [Lizzlie] Thanks! Guess I'd better go as well then...need sleep

01:05:57 [Lizzlie] Night night Everyone who reads this tomorrow!XX

01:14:51 [vickie2] sorry i missed everybody... have a wonderful Christmas to all!